Need help? You have the power and ability to heal anything.

If you are in pain, you are in the right place.

I loaded this page with love for you.

Here is my daily practice for healing and miracles, and a Daily Prayer Practice For You (scroll down) 

Years ago, in 2012, when I created the free 40-Day Program for Transformation (you can sign up by clicking this link), I had an idea to sit every morning and every night in quiet, prayer, joy and gratitude with the list of people who signed up to take the 40-Day Program. 

I had this idea that in silence and gratitude, I could join with another’s mind – distance did not matter – and that we both would experience miracles. 

Back then, the 40-Day Program was offered 3 times a year and so every time we had a new group – January, May and September – I would print out the list of members and every day, for 40 days, I would get myself into a state of joy, happiness and gratitude knowing that this is how healing is accomplished. 

I felt happy and excited that people were going to get miracles. I just knew it. 

And then I would get the emails, people saying “You won’t believe what happened!” or “Lisa, I’m so excited to share with you what happened!” or “The pain is gone” 

So that’s my daily practice. Silence. Gratitude. Joy.

When you get connected to the Light Within You, miracles occur.

I no longer print out lists, but I DO still have my daily prayer practice, knowing that miracles and healing are occurring. 

I sit quietly and know the Truth. And that’s it. 

This was how I started “working with Jesus”. I invite you to try it. 

The Light does the work. 

Our part is to get out of the way and stop resisting. Stop trying to make things go your way. Stop struggling. Stop attempting to make things happen. Be still. And know the Truth. You will feel the joy of this. YOUR JOY ON EARTH HEALS ALL SORROW AND DESPAIR. Let go of “your” plan and allow things to unfold for you. It’s so much more exciting to live life in THIS way. 

The above Jesus drawing is a pen on paper by Nathan Lorenzana (an original piece done for me, commissioned by my husband Bill Free for me as a birthday gift from Nathan.) I love LOVE love this Jesus. I asked Nathan if he could do one of Jesus for me praying, and this is it. This one is called “Communion.” You can order prints or greeting cards here. 

I also work with Mary Magdalene and she is a tremendously powerful healer! 


The Mary Magdalene painting is an oil on canvas 16 x 20, painted by Tonya Torres in 2010. I own it. I’m totally in love with it. Prints and greeting cards can be purchased here.

I started “working” with Jesus and Mary as what I thought at first was “make-pretend” – I just had an idea they were with me. I would talk with them in my mind and I felt they were healing others. I didn’t know for sure if it was true, but I was receiving emails of reports of healing and transformation. So I just went with it, on faith alone. Then I went to a psychic who can see energy and beings and angels and without knowing me at all, when I walked through the room, she was taken aback and said to me: You’ve got Jesus on the right side of you and Mary Magadelene on the left side of you. Wow. And behind you, all around you is a whole bunch of angels. She sat quietly, looking around me, then said: You’ve got a whole team!! 

So, I don’t know what I am doing, but I don’t need to know. I believe everyone has a whole team, but many people don’t know it because they can’t see it with the body’s eyes. 

Healing is the recognition of your own wholeness and perfection.

Listen. Be still. Be present in gratitude, rejoicing. You are not alone. Ask within “is there anything I need to do?” an then listen. 

Sometimes a person name will come into your mind and some action you need to take.

Miracles are your natural birthright. All you have to do is ask within. 

A Daily Prayer Practice for  you:
Sit in joy and silence every morning and every night. Go deeply within to reach the light within you. Go past all thoughts and every emotion. Give yourself the gift of space to sit quietly and acknowledge God is with you. Forget your problems. Give thanks for the healing that is occurring. Give thanks that your problems have been solved. Thank you. Thank you. thank you God. Bless what you have. Bless the health you have (even if its only a little). Bless the abundance you have (even if it’s only a few coins). Bless and Love and Gratitude is the Answer. Acknowledge the light of God in  you and let it flow from your heart and from you mind to yourself and to others. This light is real. The light is highly intelligent. It knows what its doing. Stay here until  you feel you have connected with this light. Until you feel the Joy of Life. 

Feel the Love of God around you and the peace of God within you and be transformed and renewed by this light. 

Stay open and receptive for listening to ideas that come to you. Jesus works differently with everyone, so I have no idea how it will be for you. Once you connect with me, Jesus and Mary are with you. So stay open for new things occurring. You can’t see them – but you may be able to sense and feel them – they are there. Stay alert to happy surprises. Jesus is a universal great show-off and he LOVES to surprise people. It’s his speciality. Multiplying things and walking on water and healing. His attitude is one of “watch this!” – he really makes me laugh – (seriously) – so keep your eyes open for things coming your way. 

You may suddenly have a feeling of playfulness and aliveness. 

Stay open to feelings of peace and joy. 

And mostly, thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate it. 

I love you.