Join with me in prayer

Years ago, in 2012, when I created the 40-Day Program for Transformation, I had an idea to sit every morning and every night in prayer, joy and gratitude – in the presence of God – with the list of 40-Day sign-ups.

Back then, the 40-Day Program was offered 3 times a year, and so every time we had a new group – January, May and September – I would print out the list of members and every day, for 40 days, I would give every person over to the Love of God. 

I felt happy and excited that people were going to get miracles! I just knew it. 

At first I used to try to answer all the emails, Facebook messages and prayer requests that came in. There was so many! There was just too much mail to answer everyone. It wasn’t humanly possible, although at first … I tried!

Then I realized it wasn’t necessary. The response was answered in the quiet time because our minds our joined as One. 

It came to me that when someone asks for help and healing – either in their mind or in writing or in asking –  the request is answered in that very same instant. 

I asked Jesus what to do – HOW TO HEAL – and he gave me the idea to have a daily morning and evening prayer session – and to put him in charge. 

So that’s my daily practice. 

I knew that I (as a human being) was incapable of helping anyone with miracles, but I knew that in the quiet, all things are quietly resolved. My part was to be happy and to remember the truth. 

In a way, this was how I started “working with Jesus”. My part is to sit quietly in joy, gratitude and blessing and Jesus  (the light that connects us!) does the rest. 

The above Jesus drawing is a pen on paper by Nathan Lorenzana (an original piece done for me, commissioned by my husband Bill Free for me as a birthday gift from Nathan.) I love LOVE love this Jesus. I asked Nathan if he could do one of Jesus for me praying, and this is it. This one is called “Communion.” You can order prints or greeting cards here. 

I also work with Mary Magdalene and she is a tremendously powerful healer! 


The Mary Magdalene painting is an oil on canvas 16 x 20, painted by Tonya Torres in 2010. I own it. I’m totally in love with it. Prints and greeting cards can be purchased here.

I started “working” with Jesus and Mary as what I thought at first was “make-pretend” – I just had an idea they were with me. I would talk with them in my mind and I felt they were healing others. I didn’t know for sure if it was true, but I was receiving emails of reports of healing and transformation. So I just went with it, on faith alone. Then I went to a psychic who can see energy and beings and angels and without knowing me at all, when I walked through the room, she was taken aback and said to me: You’ve got Jesus on that side of you! and Mary Magadelene on that side of you! And a whole bunch of angels behind you! You’ve got a whole team!! 

So, I don’t know what I am doing, but I don’t need to know. I believe everyone has a whole team, but many people don’t know it because they can’t see it with the body’s eyes. 

Healing is the recognition of your own wholeness and perfection.

You can read my story of healing here by clicking this link.


The 40-Day is now available all the time, with people signing up every day, so I no longer print a list. I DO still sit in silence and prayer every day, surrounded by the Love of God, in prayer, in joy, in love. With Jesus and Mary and angels. 

I listen. I’m silent. I’m present in gratitude, rejoicing. I am asking: “Is there anything I need to do?” Sometimes a person name will come into my mind and I’ll ask what to do. Sometimes I’m told to reach out to them and say something physically. Mostly, I communicate directly in that moment with their mind. 

You may have gotten a message from me. I am told I show up in people’s dreams – so I guess I work that way too! 

God is with you always, but often people they they are alone and believe they need to make contact with someone like me who has “a connection” because they have not yet realized their own connection. 

I invite you to connect with me, anytime. I am here for you.

We are here for you. 

Over the years, THOUSANDS of people have sent me email messages to tell me about their miracle stories, transformation and healing. I do nothing, except offer my mind to God. 

God does the work. 

Miracles are your natural birthright. All you have to do is ask. 

I was told I did not have to know anyone’s name nor their situation, but I was told that people do have “to ask” – to invite a new experience to come. A person has to want to change, to have a little willingness for a new life. 

I was told by Jesus that when someone signs up for the 40-Day Program or sign ups on my lisanatoli mailing list or for the Teachers of God mailing list, that is their prayer request for change, transformation and healing. I was told that Jesus would take it from there.

It’s all in God’s hands, and that’s been my experience. 

My prayer practice: I sit in joy and silence every morning and every night. I talk with Jesus. I talk with God. I give thanks for the healing that is occurring. I acknowledge the light of God and I let it flow from my heart and from my mind. Anyone can do this. YOU can do this.

I ask Jesus to help every person on the list, to be with every person in the online programs, to help every single person with whatever they need – to give them a miracle – to speak to them directly – to inspire them, encourage them, lift them up – give them peace – and to do it in a way that will be recognized by the person.


I invite you to sit quietly wherever you are and to send me your thoughts and prayers requests.

And that’s it! 

You do not need to do this in writing.

I do not need to know your name, nor your story. 

Connect with me in your thoughts – day or night. Just “reach out” to me, call my name, or call on Jesus’ name or on God’s name – and your message is received … and answered. This puts you “on the list.”

If you feel you want to put it in writing, that’s fine too. You can write it out and send me an email. I read all the messages …  BUT PLEASE NOTE: 

I do not reply individually to emails or written requests. I read them. I bless them all. I give them to God. I put Jesus on the scene. I sit quietly 2 times a day (minimum) in the Presence of God. I know all requests are being taken care of perfectly. I understand that some people really like to put their thoughts and prayers on paper. It helps them and there is something powerful in just sending out a message.


You can send me an email and I will add you to my daily prayers.

BUT AGAIN, KEEP IN MIND: I do not reply in writing to any emails. So you will not receive a written response back from me. 

But you will be on “the list” and I will be sending you so much love and my hope always is that you feel the Love of God around you and the peace of God within you and be transformed and renewed by this light. 

JOIN MY MAILING LIST: If you want to receive email messages from me, please subscribe to my mailing list (you can sign-up at the very bottom of this page) 

You can also send me your healing stories and miracle stories. I love those. 

After you “connect with me” – stay open and receptive for listening to ideas that come to you. Jesus works differently with everyone, so I have no idea how it will be for you. Once you connect with me, Jesus and Mary are with you. So stay open for new things occurring. You can’t see them – but you may be able to sense and feel them – they are there. Stay alert to happy surprises. Jesus is a universal great show-off and he LOVES to surprise people. It’s his speciality. Multiplying things and walking on water and healing. His attitude is one of “watch this!” – he really makes me laugh – (seriously) – so keep your eyes open for things coming your way. 

You may suddenly have a feeling of playfulness and aliveness. 

Stay open to feelings of peace and joy. 

And mostly, thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate it. 

I love you.