Healing is simple: Remember the truth.


Jul 23, 2018


I had a great conversation with someone yesterday who has been dealing with cancer with a tumor.

She came to me to ask for help. I had just given a talk about how A Course in Miracles in Workbook Lesson 135, Jesus gives a practice for healing – which simply stated is CORRECT THE BELIEF (in separation, that you are a body, alone, frail, weak separate from others, separate from your Source) and replace the belief with the truth. What is the truth: You are love. One with all, one with God, whole and perfect. The body is in no need of healing. Only the thoughts that think it is a body are in need of healing. The body will respond with health when the thought has been corrected.

So this woman came up to me and asked for my help. She said she had cancer. I said: “What’s the belief around it?” and she “I have a tumor and the tumor is growing.” I said: Okay, good. You have found the belief. I have a tumor. The tumor is growing. Now you correct it – you don’t let it go uncorrected – and you replace that belief with the truth (this practice is from Workbook Lesson 135 in A Course in Miracles) and she gave me a little bit a blank look so I said: well, one possibility for a thought of truth is “I am surrounded by the Love of God” and she instantly got happy when I said that. She practically leaped out of skin. This big gigantic smile spread instantly across her whole face. She sat up super straight. Her eyes got big and wide, like a child. She laughed. It was instant healing before my eyes. The body responded with health. This was no longer a woman with cancer and a tumor in front of me. This was a child, full of delight and joy, and aliveness and gratitude. Five seconds earlier, her body was slumped over, tired and suddenly LIFE was flowing through her. She said: Oh my God. I get it.

I said, yes. So easy, right?

Instead of focusing on a tumor or on cancer or on how weak and frail and afraid you are, instead of focusing on the body, instead of thinking the tumor is growing, you are placing your attention on the truth – how you are surrounded by the Love of God. You remember the truth of what you are: You are love. You are safe. You are light. You are Spirit, perfectly whole.” So, that all happened. We both got happy. And then this morning, driving here in Maine, I was thinking of this interaction, feeling a tremendous amount of gratitude, silently saying: “Thank you God.”

There was a red light and I pull up in front of this car which has been aways ahead of me, but now was directly in front of me

If you can’t see it, it says: GOD’S LVE

A little wink and a big smile from Heaven.

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