FREE 2-Hour Webinar with Lisa Natoli: Awaken to a life of joy and presence


Apr 27, 2017

This coming Saturday, April 29th from 1-3pm EST I am doing a FREE 2-hour webinar online.

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This webinar is focused mostly for newcomers who perhaps have never heard of A Course in Miracles – but it’s open to everyone. Come join me! 

I’ll be sharing my story of my own original 40 days (May 2012) that I did as my own personal experiment, where I started in a place of doubt, no money, no direction, no vision, just a huge willingness to have things be different and a real desire to help people and know God.

At the time I was a Zumba instructor and I was thinking of becoming a waitress and all I could think was: I’m going to show up in joy and enthusiasm in whatever I am doing (teaching Zumba, and possibly being a waitress) and I’m going to be the light of the world in all I do, and simply BE PRESENT.

That was as far as I got for what I was going to do “in my 40 days”.

I made a commitment that I was no longer going to wait for my life to start.

I was no longer going to be a victim, wishing for miracles.

It was a decision to BE ALIVE and to live in Joy and the Presence of God.

I somehow deep down “knew” that my vision-board-goal-setting-days were over.

I didn’t care about worldly goals, but I did want to remove the block in me that was resulting in no money in my life, and a mountain of debt. I did want to heal the idea of lack.

It was a decision to watch my thoughts like a hawk, to train my mind to focus on God and love, to live in joy and gratitude and to listen within to guidance, and finally: to trust and follow in that guidance, whatever Life (my Self) was showing me.

Things changed for me practically overnight with these decisions and I’m going to be sharing this story this coming Saturday, April 29, 2017 1-3pm EST. Sign up here:

The recording/replay will be available until May 2nd – but you do need to register to view it.

There’s really no need to suffer or struggle. There IS an easy way out of pain and fear. 

I look forward to seeing you there, reading your comments and answering questions. 



Also, check out my new video blog this week at the Teachers of God Foundation called “Spiritual Bypassing: How to Spot It”. 


2 Responses to “FREE 2-Hour Webinar with Lisa Natoli: Awaken to a life of joy and presence”

  1. Christina Arnold says:

    Thanks Lisa!

  2. iyowuna george says:

    Your programme has.been a eyeopener and a blessing in my life.