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Make a commitment to complete the workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles in one year with Lisa Natoli.
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ACIM 365: One year audio program. You receive 365 10-minute audios from me with a transcript for every single workbook lesson of A Course in Miracles.

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 What People Are Saying About ACIM 365:

I am doing the 365-day program this year with Lisa and I have to say that it has completely opened my heart to the lessons. This is probably my 7th or 8th time through the workbook of A Course in Miracles but Lisa’s commentary is filled with so much wisdom and love it just blows my mind everyday.– Lisa Lindstrom

Signing up for ACIM 365 was one of my all-time best choices! Everyday I read the lesson and then listen to Lisa’s teaching. I am NOT the same woman who started the year. I am grounded in the God of my understanding at a whole new level. This new consciousness is motivating me to live my life with a rich rewarding authenticity that is allowing me access to the truth that is my essence. I will turn 70 on Nov 29th. I feel alive in the best way ever. I have signed up again and am recommending it to anyone who asks “What’s new with you?”– Irene Tomkinson‎
These ten-minute audio lessons are VITAL to hearing the lesson. I cannot tell you the many times that I have read the lesson and it didn’t register the message intended. By listening to your thoughts about each lesson deepens my understanding and strengthens the intent. It is truly a brilliant light that shines through the words straight to my heart. Thank you SO much! I love you. – Susan Nelson Stover
Doing these lessons with Lisa this last year has been mind-blowing to say the least. I’d done the lessons somewhat half-heartedly in the past but to have Lisa there giving me her brilliant insights and past experience was just invaluable. I feel like she saved me a lot of time and many mistakes by joining in this. It’s been just amazing how different the lessons felt. I loved it so much i’ll be doing it again! – Ley Love
Lisa, Having your commentary on these lessons has been invaluable. Every morning I read the lesson when I first wake up and immediately I put on your recording and it just all makes sense from there. The way that you approach it from a practical level and show us how to model these teachings in our life is absolutely miraculous and life changing. – Judy Morton

I have done the workbook lessons many times, but it has never been as rich for me as this year has been. Your ability, Lisa, to apply the lessons to everyday life and share the effects you have experienced have made the lessons more dynamic. It has been as though you have been my personal prayer partner with an intimacy that has been very comforting. Lisa you have a genius ability to “uncomplicate” ACIM. – Rosalyn Rourke
This year has been truly life changing. The daily journey with Lisa and all those who have joined in this 365 day commitment is impossible for me to put into words. I haven’t missed one day and having someone encourage, delight, challenge and love me during the 365 days has been fabulous. For anyone considering starting the workbook lessons I can only say DO IT – having the routine of a daily practice alone will transform your life … And the content offers you love, peace, joy and freedom in your daily life. Thank you Lisa for lighting the path xx I love you – Wendy Procter
I love these daily messages with Lisa! I tried doing them a few times in the past but got stuck at lesson 50 and would re-start. About 7 months ago I started doing these lessons with you and it has been a totally life changing experience. I love how you teach every lesson. It’s contagious! Every day starts with sitting quietly and plugging in (my coffee time with God) and then I read my lesson and then listen to your commentary that brings it all together. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful light in my life. – Iris Edelman