Amy Purdy: She’s definitely not sick anymore.


Jun 26, 2018


This is the best most inspiring story ever. Amy Purdy. Once upon a time she was sick, and lost both her legs below the knees.

WELL. SHE’S NOT SICK ANYMORE! She choose her reality. She chose the feelings she wanted to experience.

Below is a 7-minute video that has the potential for starting you on a whole new chapter in your life.

I just heard about Amy for the very first time, and you know me: I love to share stories that can help people move out of feeling like a victim. This lady lost both her legs below the knee at 19-years of age and was on a snowboard 4 months later. 

Watch the video and see how much love and gratitude is here. She could have just as easily been a victim, depressed and angry and instead: she chose to be vibrantly alive. 


Whatever problems you think you have, you are still the author of your life.

If your life is a book and  you’re the author, how does your story go?

If you are ready to be inspired, watch this video. Her website is below, along with a link to her book.

To find out more about Amy Purdy, here is her website:

I just ordered her book from Amazon. It will be here tomorrow.

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  1. Lisa Natoli says:

    Let’s hear from you! You are author of your life. What’s your story?

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