How “trying to get it perfect” butchers prayers and miracles


Dec 21, 2017


I received a LOT of great emails this week from people who are committing to dedicate 2018 – one year – to God.

I love it. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and participation. 

I thought about this and while on THE ONE HAND, I’m super excited to hear so many people making this kind of commitment, on THE OTHER HAND, I know that the ego can sneak in and try to be excessive, extremist, “all-in” and try to do it perfect.

Trying “to do it perfect” is why so many New Years resolutions fail. Trying “to do it right” butchers miracles and sabotages prayer.

Why is this?

There is VITALITY and LIFE in having an open-mind, being child-like and being authentically YOU.

What mostly happens on a spiritual path – and with prayer and miracles – is that people have a warped idea of how they are supposed to do it. We have been falsely told that there is a right way to pray. Many think they have to use exact words in prayer or that it won’t work.

I get emails from people who correct me. They say I’m saying it wrong. This really makes me laugh! How could anyone say it wrong? I think the reason I know A Course in Miracles practically word-for-word is because I spent years obsessing over memorizing it “to get it right” – no wonder I was so exhausted all the time! I was spending all my energy trying to people please. I wasn’t showing up in my life until I could quote from the book verbatim. 

I have since dropped all that. Now if you see me teach and I am expressing an idea from the Course I say things like ‘it’s say something like this” and I no longer try to get it perfect. 

A whole lot of anxiety and stress melted off me when I started living in this new way. 

Prayer and miracles are a direct communication between YOU and GOD.

When you try to memorize formal prayers to “get it right”, you get it wrong!  You lose all vitality when you try to remember a prayer. 

Prayer is you talking to God and God talking back to you. It’s personal. It’s dynamic. You can’t get it wrong if you are going to God as you, expressing gratitude, expressing your questions, being in a relationship, just being you! 


Formal prayer – the need to recite an exact prayer  – is from an old (thousands-of-years-old!) idea that we had to go through a priest to get to God. This idea still lingers that we have to go through a spiritual teacher or we have to follow a book or instructions perfectly. We think we have to do it perfectly, practice perfectly, show up in life perfectly.

Many people think the reason miracles are not occurring for them is because they are not doing it perfectly. They think “I’m still compromising. I’m still judging. I still have guilt. I still have attack thoughts. I’m not doing it right.” 

Trying to get it right kills all vitality. Little kids (who have not been socialized yet) don’t try to “get it right” or “do it perfectly.” 

You don’t have to get it right – and you certainly don’t have to get it perfect – but you do have to get it started!

In 2018, I invite you TO RELAX. 

Let’s this be A YEAR OF JOY. 

Let this be a year when you let your authentic self shine. 

Over the past 2 years, 60 pounds dropped off my frame like it was nothing. You want to know how it happened? I stopped with the extreme approach. I stopped dieting. I stopped being so critical of myself. I RELAXED. I said: Okay, I’m 200 pounds. Fine with me! I’m going to love myself. I’m going to make a few changes in the way we eat to be a little more healthy. I bought clothes that actually fit me (instead of my life-long habit of buying too-small clothes that someday I would fit into “when I lose 30 pounds.”) 

I dropped all of that. I made a decision to relax, to enjoy, to stop trying to be perfect, and to love myself in all my imperfections. 

I decided that I would do things for the fun of it, take a few risks, try new things and not care so much what people think. 

And slowly, slowly, slowly – slllllowwwwwly – it happened so slowly that I didn’t even notice it – my body started changing as a reflection of my change of mind about myself. 

My “prayers” started changing. In the past I was very concerned with getting my prayers “right” – making sure they followed precisely the way they were written in A Course in Miracles. I would start saying a prayer in my mind and then quite literally I would stop to find the section in A Course in Miracles to make sure I said it right! OH MY GOD, RIGHT !! 

I stopped all that. I now talk to Jesus like he’s a friend. I share everything with him. I thank God constantly for being with me all the time. My prayers are songs of praise, gratitude and rejoicing. 

The life and vitality is back in my life, in my body, in my mind, in my prayers, in everything I do. 

WHY? Because I am no longer trying to get it perfect. 

If you want to make a powerful change in 2018, let it be this: BE YOU. 

Be authentically YOU. 

Don’t try to get it perfect. Forget about perfect. But do take steps every day to see what you can change. 

In what ways can you change your routine? 

What are some ways you can change your thinking? 

In what ways can you change the way you show up in life? 

Simple. Simple. Simple. Keep it simple. 

Christmas is in a few days. I wish you the happiest time this holiday as you consider these questions.

Three Things: 

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17 Responses to “How “trying to get it perfect” butchers prayers and miracles”

  1. Rebecca Johnson says:

    Thank you 🙏 thank you 🙏 do much for this honest direct blog on being perfect, getting it right. Blah blah blah I have let all that go by the wayside as it is my approach. I love the Course but there is no way I can remember it verbatim. I take copious amounts of notes as when I write it sticks better or there is a favorite passage. I am so all in for 2018 I am dedicating to practice be aware and live in Gods light. Things have definitely changed for me in the past 3.5 years and I am forever grateful we all picked each other for this journey. I love you. 💕

  2. Tina says:

    Titania, happy Christmas to you and J, and N, and A (pril, lol), just saw your mom on Thursday, and wish you were here xo

  3. Verna says:

    Oh, Lisa, this came at the exact perfect (LOL) time!!!! I have struggled my whole life with being perfect and just recently made a commitment to myself to do it differently. Thank you so much for your loving service to all of us…….your life and the way you live it is truly an inspiration. I appreciate you!

  4. Mary Mitchell says:

    Beautiful. Let us all just relax into Love/God.

  5. Ed says:

    Thanks Lisa. I was just obsessing this morning over Rules for Decision and how would I ever follow all of the steps correctly. This helps me understand that it is most important just to talk to our guide in the morning and throughout the day and ask for help when we need it. The key is to choose out true guide not one of our idols.

  6. Lisa you sooooo inspire me. This is EXACTLY what I have been thinking about and what I needed to hear. I love your simplicity,

    I am, of this date, on lesson 289 with your course and I want you to know that having you and the lessons with me every morning has made a momentous difference in my life.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and … YES to a year of joy and being imperfectly ME. !!!!!

  7. Maryanne says:

    Thank you for the important reminder.

  8. Maria says:

    Lisa, you are wonderful, you fish up all my needs without me having to say a word! feeling sooo cared for! thank you!

  9. Titania says:

    Feeling the invitation be further freed from the perfectionist confines. Let’s colour!

  10. Krista says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I have realised that prayer is the feeling not the words. It’s a feeling Universe. 🙏

  11. Kornilia says:

    Thank you for you!

  12. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Tina! HA. YES !!!!!!! I remember one year for Christmas I got the 120 count box of Crayola’s!!! I can still remember that. Isn’t that funny. We don’t remember the “big” gifts that cost a lot of money. We remember the ones that bring out our creativity!

  13. Lisa Natoli says:

    Thank you Gail. Yes. What a relief. We don’t have to be perfect. I think 2018 will be the year of massive spelling mistakes in my world. LOL. I’m free. I love you.

  14. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Rhonda! Yes, I have been reading from the purple book since March 2017. I love it.

  15. Rhonda Metz says:

    Are you still reading from the ‘purple book’ starting December 15, 2017?

  16. Gail Greenwald says:

    Thank you, Lisa. This post was so refreshing. In a world of dos and dont’s it’s great to be reminded it;s okay not to be perfect. What a relief. Bless you for your always encouraging words. Love and peace to you.

  17. Tina says:

    Just the right timing for this amazing reminder play! As a Perfectionist Lifer until very recently, I welcome reminders to put away the paint-by-number, take out the box of crayons, use the stubby broken ones and just go-ta-town outside the box and lines❤️

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