If you want change and happiness but nothing is happening, watch this video on boiling water.


Sep 20, 2017

I did a new 8-minute video blog over at the Teachers of God Foundation which was posted today on how transformation is simple, like boiling water.

I love cooking. I love Julia Child. And I love teaching the simplicity of transformation. So I combined them all together today in a new video.

Transformation is simple, like boiling water. It happens of itself when the conditions are right. If you want change and happiness but NOTHING IS HAPPENING check out my new video to find out why nothing is happening. You can watch it here:

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If you connect with todays video, pease leave a comment, share this post with anyone who is struggling with pain, problems or difficulties. All that’s needed for change is to stay on the fire until the water boils.

In this video, I talk about what the “fire” is in transformation.


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