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We are reading Gorgeous for God in my book study group  which begins on Monday, May 1, 2017  – for 5 Mondays in May from 7-8pm EST by teleconference.

Gorgeous for God: Awakening through A Course in Miracles


imgres“Thanks to Lisa Natoli for writing this book!!! For the past 15 years I have been on a spiritual quest, always looking outside of myself for answers. My life was overflowing with conflict and I was angry at everything and everybody. I started reading ACIM but I found it so hard to read and a little confusing, then I bought this book and it’s been my savings grace. I have read it 4 times, and actually, every time I finish it, I just open to the beginning and start again!! Lisa gets straight to the point, doesn’t mince words and I so love that she gives us examples of conflict etc in her own life and how she’s applied ACIM principles. So if you’re done with conflict and want inner peace, read this little nugget of gold – it’s fabulous!!!” -Kath Menegon

“Highly recommend reading Lisa Natoli`s book.. It really makes you think about the big picture in a completely different way. Love it!” -Elin Hansen 

My favorite Course in Miracles book: