NEW VIDEO INTERVIEW: Byron Katie & Stephen Mitchell with Lisa Natoli


Oct 07, 2017


This week I received a message from Byron Katie’s publisher that “Byron Katie would LOVE to do an interview with you.” 

A week earlier, I was sitting at home thinking how much I love Byron Katie – I’m reading her new book “A Mind at Home with Itself” – and I was thinking how awesome it would be to interview her. 

Then a thought – A VOICE – came to me: “Write to her publisher and ask for an interview with her.” 

Then another thought came: “I’ll never get an interview with Byron Katie. I’m nobody.” 


Time for inquiry!

As a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles, as well as facilitating a book study group in the month of October 2017 with 900 people in it, reading Byron Katie’s new beautiful book “A Mind at Home with Itself” and focusing on the four questions of “The Work”, I knew enough to identify the thought – which I did – and to question it – which I did.

“I’ll never get an interview with Byron Katie. I’m nobody.” 

“I’m nobody.” How amazing to be alert to these thoughts and beliefs! I laughed out loud actually – to see the fear-based thoughts & limited beliefs still slipping in, attempting to run the show. 

And then … I sent an email to Byron Katie’s publisher, requesting an interview. 

One week later, I received an email that Byron Katie and Stephen would LOVE to meet me and do an interview. 

What a gift to catch the thoughts that limit us, to remember the truth and then move and act from THAT place. 

When Bill and I arrived in Boston this past Thursday morning, it was as if we had known them forever. A great meeting of friends.

When I asked how long the interview would be (I was hoping for at least 30 minutes), they both said to me at exactly the same time, the same words out of both of their mouths, in synch: “As long as it takes.” 

It’s like Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell are working in unison as one mind. Stephen told us a story that at a recent workshop, someone who knew the both of them showed up with a t-shirt for Stephen that said on the front of it: “Katie’s frontal lobe”. 

So here is a 50-minute interview with Byron Katie, spiritual teacher, best-selling author and creator of The Work – an astonishingly simple yet life-changing process of freeing yourself from the thoughts that cause your suffering. This revolutionary method has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world.

Everything you need to do The Work is available free at

In addition to the free worksheets on website, you can also contact a trained licensed facilitator of the The Work, free of charge. 

Everything you need to end your suffering is available to you. 


Byron Katie doesn’t merely describe the awakened mind; she empowers us to see it and feel it in action for ourselves. This book is for everyone who wants to discover how to live in harmony with the way things are. It is a book about effortless  generosity, about questioning the thoughts that keep you from love, and about the radiant simplicity of a mind that abides nowhere.

There is an Audible version of “A Mind at Home with Itself” read by Bryon Katie & Stephen Mitchell. I have heard this audible version is spectacularly good, and I believe it. 

I love books so I love the paper version, which is available at book retailers everywhere. 


There is still time to join the Book Study. It’s free. We meet on Monday nights by telephone from 7pm-8:30pm EST through the month of October 2017. All you need is a copy of the book. Register to receive emails from me, the recordings and to join the private Facebook group. 



I love this one. Byron Katie – who didn’t even know me – moved in as close as she could get to me, took my hand to hold and was just there listening. LOOK AT HER! so lovely. What the world would be like if we all were this generous and present. It was exactly like in her new book “A Mind at Home with Itself” where it’s described she would go up to total strangers and hug them, tell them she loved them – because she doesn’t have a reference for “us” and “them”.

Thank you to Bill Free, my incredible husband and friend, who took care of video and sound. Without Bill, none of this would have happened! I love you Bill.

Stephen Mitchell & Byron Katie – thank you, thank you, thank you for showing up the way you do. 

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What thoughts and beliefs are holding you back, causing fear, stress, anger, frustration or worry? Identify the thought and belief and question it. 

Can you be more generous and present in your life?

8 Responses to “NEW VIDEO INTERVIEW: Byron Katie & Stephen Mitchell with Lisa Natoli”

  1. Lynne Lightowler-Buck says:

    I SO love this conversation! Lisa you did a beautiful job; and your guests were so authentic . . . Katie has been a Guide for years!!! And hearing Stephen has been wonderful as he’s so precise with wording . . . (duh! he translates ancient texts to modern language) and it’s such a gift that he “gets” Katie . . . and gives her to us! I’m in awe . . . and feel so blessed to have heard this. Thanks, and blessings!

  2. Rieko says:

    Inspired and uplifted on so many levels, down to your story of how this interview came to be. Thank you Lisa, Katie, Stephen, and Bill! I found myself tearing up at the grain of sand part 🙂

  3. Mary Mitchell says:

    Profound. So generous of you all to give so completely. I am inspired; it touched me very deeply. Thank you.

  4. suzy says:

    Great interview with Katie Lisa, I love her work too and yes, compassion and generosity of spirit, body and mind are everything. Much Love to you all x


    Thank You Lisa for the interview.
    Compassion and Generosity is the Same

  6. Robert Dryden says:

    Thank you Lisa. This is beautiful. When i opened Youtube last night, the video popped up as a recommendation even before i got your email this morning. i just finished watching it with tears streaming down my face. i love you.

  7. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Wendy! HA. Great message. Thank you so much. They have scholarships for The School – so make sure to apply! The next school for The Work is October 24 to November 2nd.

  8. WENDY says:

    Yes, for me has been, for years I’ve been wanting to be certified as a facilitator of the Work, I have the belief that I’m not worthy enough to have the money to go, and I’ve been requesting scholarship, several times in a row and haven’t got it, and somehow I got jealous that you’ll be able to go, hahaha… so that’s where I did inquiry, ans realized that I wasn’t feeling enough… now I trust that I’ll go when it’s time and not my time ☺️💕
    Love you all!! I’m so grateful that you were able to interview her, you did for all of us. You are all such a huge blessing and a beautiful reflection of my Truth 💗💗💗💗

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