Live Classes

Live Video Class with Lisa: The last Wednesday of every month at 3pm EST 

The Topic for our next Video Class for August 2017 is:
Redirecting your energy & focus from people, problems and things to the Presence and Power of God

Wednesday, August 30th at 12:00pm (PST) / 3:00pm (EST)

Monthly Live Video Class with Lisa Natoli:
This class takes place the last Wednesday of every month at 3pm EST  

Lisa gives a 30-40 minute talk on mind-training, healing and transformation and then a 20 minute guided-prayer for a direct experience of reaching to God, leaving behind the world, the body, all problems and all thinking, (Note: calls may run slightly longer than an hour.)

The focus of these monthly classes is to show how simple it it train your mind and transform your life. You will discover how easy it is to re-direct your energy and focus OFF of your problems by shifting your perception back to the remembrance of your Self, as whole, healed and perfect. 

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Message from Lisa:

These classes are free, available to anyone who is interested in shifting their perception to miracle-minded thinking. The focus of these classes is to show how simple it it train your mind and transform your life.
I will teach for 30 minutes and then go into a 20-30 minute guided prayer, because I feel that direct experience is super important and so often we don’t take time to reach to God directly. 
“Prayer is a way to reach to God directly.” -A Course in Miracles 
I thought about taking questions during the hour and having a chat box open for discussion but then I felt very strongly guided to give the space to quiet and to being present and focusing on mind-training for the first half of the hour and prayer for the second half of the hour. I have been wanting to do guided prayers for a while and we will see how that goes. 
It will be recorded but you do need to register to access the recording. 
Often we THINK about giving time to God but how often in our lives do we actually take time out of our busy schedules to be present with God, with nothing else going on but to enter into a space of joy, gratitude, love and remembering the Truth of what you are. 

Should be fun.

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