Connection with your Self, God and others.


Aug 26, 2017


The most important thing that can happen in your lifetime is that you come to know your Self.

It’s what all of us truly want: a connection with our Self, a connection with God and a connection with others. We want to love and feel loved. We want to know we are safe, cared for, protected and that our lives have some kind of meaning. Surely there must be something besides striving and waiting for tomorrow or the future for our lives to begin.

Love is all that matters.

People don’t want more information. What we really want is sense of relaxation and peace. We want to feel ‘all is well” and to really feel the joy of this.

As many of you know, Friday’s a busy day for me in the best way possible: there is our Course in Miracles group on Friday morning at 10:30am and then I have my weekly Unity radio show on Friday afternoons at 3pm EST.

I express the important of connection and knowing your Self in both of these talks.

Here are the links:

ACIM Friday Group:

It’s me, Linda Leland and Lesley Smith.

Linda talked about Parenting and A Course in Miracles with a great personal talk about her daughter Victoria.

I talked about Guiltless Decision Making with a chat about my all-time favorite writer EVER and spiritual teacher Leo Tolstoy.

And here is my radio show on Unity from yesterday afternoon:

I give “A Review of the Laws of Healing” from A Course in Miracles.




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