New Video: My Easter Message 2018


Mar 31, 2018


It’s Easter weekend. HAPPY EASTER! 

Here is a new video – a talk I gave yesterday morning, Friday March 30, 2018 at the ACIM Friday Morning Group. Enjoy. 

This is your Easter time, your resurrection, your re-birth from all your old beliefs and stories. Nothing can hold you back.

You can rise up from the battleground of your own thinking ANY TIME YOU CHOOSE and see what you really are: all light, free from bondage from the body.

You are limitless, eternal and changeless, whole and perfect. 

In this video, I encourage everyone to read Chapter 20 from A Course in Miracles this weekend as part of your Easter celebration – to spend time this Easter with Jesus – to listen to his words – what he has to say about Easter.

He is with you now. 

He is with you always. 

Here is one of my favorite Jesus paintings by Greg Olsen:


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