GIVING UP ILLNESS AND NOT RECOGNIZING DEATH through A Course in Miracles by David Hawkins


May 18, 2017



From now on, I’m going to be posting awesome things I find and love on this website. Right now, David Hawkins is my go-to guy. I have this feeling that he is HERE WITH ME NOW and doing everything possible to get his work into the world. He can definitely use me to be the sound-piece and vehicle for him. I believe his writing, teachings and work is the next step after A Course in Miracles. 

A Course in Miracles is written within the ego-thought system where it is needed, so don’t be fooled that it is the end because it is NOT. Having said that, in my experience A Course in Miracles is the fastest way to unravel and dissolve the thought system of fear (the ego) but it is NOT the end. It is a one-year mind training course to remove the blocks and obstacles to the awareness of love’s presence. 

If you look at the workbook lessons you will see that is it written within the ego’s thought system which is precisely where it is needed: a sentence like “I feel the love of God within me now.” That is NOT the highest expression of truth. There is duality. There is an “I” and a “God” and something that “feels”. That’s duality. The truth is YOU ARE THE LOVE OF GOD but that’s a pretty big jump for most people, so it begins at a level we can accept. I feel the love of God within me  now. That’s a miracle to feel the love of God within you instead of attacking and judging. So that’s a huge step. You’re training the ego to move from loveless expression to love, gratitude and joy. 

But training your mind is a big-set up (and needed and necessary) because as you continue with the workbook lessons, that “I” (that can feel and think) dissolves into the nothingness from which it came. Then there is integration and then there is only the Love of God. 

I highly highly HIGHLY suggest to everyone that if you have never done the workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles – or never completed them – please do not skip over them thinking you don’t need to do them. They are the most effective fastest way to dismantle the thought system of fear. It takes one year to complete. Just do it and get it done. It will be the best gift you have ever given yourself. One lesson per day for one year. 

To order a copy of A Course in Miracles from Amazon, here is the version I love the most: A Course in Miracles 

THIS TALK BELOW FROM DAVID HAWKINS: I have NO idea where it came from but I was just now today cleaning up my computer desktop – deleting files, documents and photos and I opened this document which I have no memory of ever seeing. I have no idea where it came from. I must have copied and pasted it from somewhere. Either that or it just landed on my computer by a miracle, which I have seen these things happen before. I don’t even know who Saul Steinberg is – never heard of him – or that there was a “first publisher” of A Course in Miracles. 

ALSO FYI: This talk was given in 1987 and David Hawkins later took back/corrected everything he said about food, eating meat, eating sugar, taking supplements – which is what he had been teaching as a physician for years – and later he realized those are all beliefs (and therefore the reason the sugar/hypoglycemia took the longest for him to heal because of his strong belief that sugar and flour was the cause of a lot of sickness – which he later discovered was NOT the case at all. His BELIEF that it was the problem and cause was what was the problem. 100 percent everything that seems to happen to you comes from belief, and most all of it is unconscious. 

Through A Course In Miracles
1987 Workshop with Dr. David R. Hawkins with Saul Steinberg (first publisher of A Course in Miracles)

TAPE 2 – Dr. Hawkins is speaking.

Many psychic phenomena are really quite understandable once you understand that Mind is universal.. Mind is everywhere and the capacities that we associate are capacities of Mind. So you can see anywhere in the universe and you can hear anywhere in the universe and some people have developed this and they have become clairvoyant. You can project your consciousness anywhere and listen to what’s happening or see what’s happening.

I later learned how to do this at will at the Monroe Institute. And there you learn how to go out of body and you can go into a closed box – read what’s written on the label—come back out and tell people what’s in the box–what it says there. Interesting, international implications of all this. Everything to do with psychotronics of which the Russians are quite advanced on I understand.

But it is quite possible then to project one’s consciousness into a box in the back of the room, read what’s in there, go back in body and tell everyone what’s in the box. You haven’t left your Mind in the first place. Mind having no limits, being everywhere all the time forever and ever, of course its only your own mind that you’re looking at in the first place.

So when we let go of the limitation that we’re a body; and that our mind is somewhere in our skull, and begin the realize the truth that we’re “not a body” that we’re present everywhere at all times–always were, and always will be, as we get in touch with our Real Self, then all these phenomena of course become easily understandable. That’s the one difficulty we have. We’re trained, you see, to believe all these limitations. We have such profound limitations in our belief systems. One of the effects of A Course in Miracles, then, is to undo them. And somehow Spirit seems to know what Lesson we as an individual particularly need to learn. Because when you think of the number of limitations we have, it’s almost endless . . the number of limitations are almost endless.

Without limitations are important for us to learn or to demonstrate to another person. Sometimes the lessons we go thru are because of the group of the people that we are living with. Suddenly we undergo a phenomena and some of the phenomena I’ve experienced were really primarily for the benefit of others around. So, we don’t really select what’s going to happen to us. At least that’s been my experience, these things all happened spontaneously. They happened in succession and with very little assistance from myself.

So I can say, then, thru the Course In Miracles, in applying the knowledge, which comes about as the result, we can let go every single ailment of the human body. We can bring about profound structural changes.

The one phenomena that cured itself: I used to hate to fly. And I hated to fly because the pressure changes in the cabin and I would get a severe splitting ear-ache in my right ear. I couldn’t open my right Eustachian tube. And everyone would be holding their nose and blowing . . and telling me to do that and blow and blow but the right Eustachian tube was blocked. And it was blocked because it was at the wrong angle in the bone. And the muscles that were supposed to open the opening of the Eustachian tube inside the inner ear would not open.

So that was a structural, anatomical defect. And I began to work on that. I began to tell myself that that was a belief system also—that I have an impaired Eustachian tube on the righthand side and that its at the wrong angle of the bone. Well that took about three years. . yeah, about three years. But, beginning about two years ago, all of a sudden the right Eustachian tube began to function. And now. . .I used to take anti-allergy pills and sniffers and Sudafed and all kinds of stuff when I flew to try and open the Eustachian tube. But now it opens and closes automatically by itself and I don’t even have to hold my nose and blow and go thru all these contortions—it just spontaneously, automatically without my thinking about it, adjusts itself to the pressure.

So how does that happen? That’s really weird you know—the Eustachian tube goes right thru the temporal bone. I mean it’s solid bone and here’s this little canal for when your Eustachian tube’s at the correct angle, and the other Eustachian tube was at the wrong angle. Somehow over a period of three years the angle of the impaired Eustachian tube literally changed right thru solid temporal bone.

How can that be? Your left brain, your intelligent educated brain says, “this is impossible” How could a thought change the physical structure of the body?

Well, as I said, I discovered there are a series of “bodies”. There is this “physical body” then there is an energy body around this physical body. And one can, with some training, and if you happen to be a little adept, some people can do it spontaneously, you can actually learn to take these other bodies and leave this physical body–leave it laying in the bed. So I learned there are a series of bodies and that the highest frequency one was the mental body, or thought body.

A Course In Miracles has to do with changing our belief systems—our thought systems So the thought-body, that body within the body, seems to be most powerful. Probably because of the higher frequency. You know in physics, the higher the frequency, the more powerful in energy; the lower the frequency the less power it has. Now thought, being the finest vibration in the universe therefore, has more power than anything else. So, when I change my belief system—when I change my thought, for example, when I say “hypoglycemia is a belief system–hypoglycimia is nothing but a concept, it’s a thought-form, it has no reality other than the reality that I give it,” as I begin to cancel that, first of all, the minute I begin the doubt that hypoglycemia is a thing in and of itself, but more, its just a thought-form, that that alone begins to weaken the belief system.

To hear a talk like I’m giving you today already is weakening the belief systems that you have in all things. To merely know that another human being can “let it go” already opens up to your mind, “if he can do it, I can too—his mind is no different”

So, as we begin to weaken the thought, here’s what happens: The thought body regulates the emotional body. The emotional body regulates the etheric body and the etheric body is a blueprint for the physical body. Now here’s a very weird concept: Without the etheric body, which is an energy blueprint which surrounds the physical body and occupies the same space—without that our body would be like an amoeba. If we didn’t have an etheric body, our body would be changing shape all the time. Some of us would be eighteen feet long and a foot wide [laughter] some of us would be a foot high and twenty-two feet in diameter, we would just be all over the place.

What keeps this body in shape and in place is the etheric body. Now this sounds bizarre unless you look at Advanced Physics. When you get to Advanced Physics, you find that Advanced Physics agrees solely with A Course In Miracles. Advanced Physics merely gives you the “how”. If you are interested in some of the mechanisms of “how it can be” that a thought can change your physical body, you can look at Fristolf Kappler’s book, the Dao of Physics–the Tale of Physics.

Well, if we start with the molecular structure, we start with the atom, we see in the center is the nucleus and around this nucleus goes an electron. This little electron is infinitely small. This little electron whirls around at the speed of light. Now the little electron is not there all the time.

One of the peculiarities of the universe is that the electron goes on and off . . on and off. . . So like a little firefly, here’s the nucleus—the nucleus, let’s say will be the size of a pinhead, and the electron will be going all around the walls, the roof and the floors here, whirling around in this empty space at the speed of light. Because its going at the speed of light, like a fan that’s turned on, if you stick your finger in the fan, because of its speed, it seems solid. So the walls, floors, roof, etc. here and all seem solid. Why? Because the electrons are flying around here at the speed of light. Actually, what are we standing here in? we’re standing here in empty space. We’re all standing around in empty space.

And the electrons in our body are going on and off. Now one peculiarity of physics is, when the electron goes on again, if you look to see where the electron is going to come on, after if goes off you think. . it’s going to come on “over there” – the minute you look “over there” and say, “it’s going to go on over there” the fact that you’re looking there and thinking about where its going to go on, already changes it, it won’t go on there [laughter]

It goes on with great regularity and you say, “ahh. . it’s going to go on there—your THOUGHT that its going to go on there, cancels it from going on there. So it’s the principle of uncertainty. . that you cannot say, with any reasonable certainty where the electron will reappear in space and time again.

Someone said, “Where do we go the other half of the time” [laughter] “We’re only here half the time [more laughter] Right?

Alright, so what determines then where was this little firefly, where will his little light will go on again? Like fireflies, the electrons turning around here, and his little light is going on and off, what determines where he will reappear in space? What determines when his little light is going to go back on again? Physicists would blow their mind at this . . I hope there’s no physicists in the audience . but in language we can understand, this is pretty analogous. So the little firefly’s lite is going to come on somewhere, sometime, and nobody knows exactly where, well, alright that’s the function of the etheric body. We might picture the etheric body as almost like a magnetic field that’s almost identical to the physical body right down and it determines where every little electron is going to go on again.

So its in the etheric energy body there’s a blueprint of your Eustachian tube and you have this belief system that it’s displaced. Then every time the little electron goes on again, it gets this message: and it will go on where your etheric body tells it to go on.

Alright, so my mental body has told my etheric body, let’s say, “You’re allergic to poisen ivy.” Alright, now my body will do exactly what it’s been told. It will do that because the mental body is so powerful; the thought-form, the form of this thought is so powerful it will now control my etheric body which will control my physical body. Ok. We got that? The thought body is the most powerful energy in the Universe. It controls our emotional and our etheric body. The etheric body is the blueprint for the physical body. Alright so the etheric body then tells the electrons where to turn on and where to turn off. See? Without this magnetic field then, the molecules and the atoms would turn on and off as they pleased. And as I said, you’d become an amoeba, your shape would be changing and you could never account for where your body would be in space.

Alright, as I cancel this, as I say, “You know, this is a belief system, and I don’t believe this anymore,” and I ask for a miracle and I allow Spirit now to change, what happens is, the etheric body blueprint changes. Alright, now when the electron goes on, its going on under the influence of something different than that old belief system. The electron goes on, it goes on a little bit higher and it comes back a little bit higher. And as it happens billions and trillions of times, that electron going on and off, each time infinitely and at small increment in a different position, you see, going on—going off—going on—going off, till you’ve got the idea now the body is not solid. The body is space and its energy. And energy in a form that’s understandable to our consciousness, let’s say as electons.

Alright, therefore, its variable. It’s changeable. In other words, the human body is not fixed in its present anatomical position that is only responding to our belief system. As you change your belief system then, you are changing the etheric energy pattern and this then causes the electrons to go on and off in a different position. Where the electron went on before, like this blackboard here, if I begin to cancel the belief system, the electrons will not go back on in that same position. Its going to go on in a different position.

Alright. So as time goes by, it took three years for the Eustachian tube to move but as time goes by, this change of your thought system will literally change the shape of your body.

I saw a funny demonstration of that. Some friends stayed with me out in Sedona and this lady always wanted to be a ballet dancer and the reason she couldn’t be a professional ballet dancer is that her “behind” was too wide. [laughter] This was one of the trajedies of her life. A frustrated ballet dancer and she said she was “bottom-heavy”. So she began to release this belief system. Found that this was something her mind was doing to prevent her from experiencing what she wanted to experience thru unconscious guilt and all the things we learn about in A Course In Miracles. She began to release on it. She kept releasing on it and she kept releasing on it and instead she pictured the kind of body she would like to have. Now, I’ll tell you, [more laughter] when she came out again to visit me in Sedona, she had a classical ballet dancer’s figure.

So, from top to bottom folks, [laughing] there’s nothing that we can’t change by paying attention to the concepts of A Course in Miracles. And what happens is we catch ourselves with these negative thoughts and belief systems and as we ketch them, we ask for a miracle, we ask to see what they are in Truth.

I always ask to see the Truth. I just say, “I would like to see this in Truth” and I ask for a miracle and gradually our thoughts change . . gradually the body changes and these health problems and illnesses and diseases automatically begin to reverse themselves. May not happen overnight, although I’ve seen it often happen overnight as well. Due to changes in belief system, I’ve seen people take their glasses off and have perfect vision within 24 hours. I’ve seen it happen in an instant. Suddenly people take their glasses off and say, “My God I can see perfectly!”

So I’ve seen this happen in an instant. I guess our readiness, how close we are to that kind of a realization. So many of the ailments I had, cured very quickly. As I told you, I went to bed I had the illness, when I woke up in the morning I realized the illness was gone. So in one instant of realization, the illness is cured.

Others took several years; the diverticulitis took a couple years; the hypoglycemia really took, I’d say, 6 months or a year; the vision took six weeks; all these things took variable periods of time. So if you’re working on a particular thing, don’t give up. Someone asked me this morning, “How long does one work on a thing. I would say, just forget about time. Just constantly work on it – it may take 6 months, it may take who knows 6 years – it may take a lifetime.—what’s the difference? Because the Lesson is all the same and I suppose these phenomena cure, for reasons that Spirit decides. And I suppose these things happen until you see the Truth—till you see the truth about it.

After that point, it’s not really necessary for them to cure. If I have an ailment now, I don’t care about it. I mean, it doesn’t mean anything. It can stay there or not stay there. I don’t feel the necessity to do anything about it. There was a period of time when I was consciously working on it and I felt to do something about it. I didn’t pick the things . . they seem to come to mind. But I was sortof consciously working on it. Now, when things happen, I don’t really care about it one way or the other, whether it stays or leaves. Its sort of irrelevant. Because I don’t identify that much with the body. The body is sortof like something else in the room and its interesting because the world considers it mine, but I myself am not all that interested in. And with that, sortof total neglect kinda care I use now, everything cures itself. I mean, I don’t have to bother with conscious programs.

Also aging of course–aging and getting older—looking older is a belief system. And, I’ve been giving lectures recently on reversing the whole aging belief system. All the changes that we associate with age—total belief system. Total belief system. Not a one of them is true. None of it. I had the whole middle age male syndrome you read about it everywhere–you hear about everywhere. So naturally you get it right? I want to be a proper member of society.[laughing] At age 50 I had it all too. The depression and the male-menopausal changes and gone thru all these things you believe in.

Well, that spontaneously disappeared – I never did anything about it, it just spontaneously disappeared. People say, I look 5-10 years younger. And I’m going on 60 . . So I noticed that the skin, and that one’s energy – overall available energy, one’s libido, one’s erotic interest in life is more than sex you know. It’s an interest pleasurable, joyous interest in all of life, you know, returns automatically of its own without having to do anything consciously about it.

So I think that’s enough on that subject. We went thru physical ailments, emotional ailments such as depression, we went thru strucutural changes such as Eustachian tubes, glasses, things that are supposedly anatomical non-correctable structural changes of the body.

So I think we’ll stop there. We’ve talked enough about healing—healing of specific things. Now we have time for questions.

Question: I’m very interested in the fact that there is no order of difficulty in miracles which is a correction of a shift in perception. So therefore, if you have a congenital condition that seemingly certainly thru medical means is incurable that’s incredible to work with timelessness . I know people who are quadrapalegic . so. its difficult for me to be where you are in terms of putting the mutual lenses on. I don’t put the lenses on, so I’m not challenging you, I’m just trying to get there. And you’re saying that the inner vision that comes thru the way of the Course is it, so it won’t ultimately matter. That’s what I’m trying to say .

Answer: That’s true. Also, modern Science has just found that we do not see or hear the way we’ve always thought we’ve seen or heard. There’s a whole new of sound reproduction called, holophony. Its starting first in Europe. I understand that 17 corporations now have patents on it. But, you see the belief system is, that vibrations comes thru the air; these impinge on the membrane in the ear, this stimulates the nerve, and because of the time differential of a soundwave hitting the left ear, vis-a-vie, the right ear, we get a spatial effect. So that’s what we’ve all believed.

And now, it turns out, this is not the fact at all. Turns out we don’t hear that way at all. Rather, the Mind hears more or less holographically. The mind actually produces a reference tone constantly. And its thought this may the so-called ringing in the ears as an augmented reference tone. The incoming sound signal actually is occurring on a different vibration wave than sound wave, and it interefaces with the reference tone produced by the brain itself and the hearing effect and the stereo effect is due to the intersection of the incoming energy wave with the constant tone produced by the brain. This interface then creates a stereo sound effect within the brain.

So there’s a whole new type of sound production coming out in which there’s no sound in the room. There’s no vibration. So when a base drum is pounding and you put your hand on something in the room you feel no vibration at all. In other words, it has nothing to do with soundwaves and the effect in the mind is so realistic, that if you hear a footstep, you actually have the perception of a foot walking, someone walking across the room.

So its going to cause a revolution. Deaf people can hear. Thru holophony. Deaf people hear as well as people with ears. So you see, now, we have a new belief system right?

Science is our great god. So when Science says, hey, we don’t need ears to hear. We hear with the brain. And we can transmit directly to your brain you can hear and now all the deaf people will be able to hear. To experience it, the latest album by Pink Floyd has holophonic sound on it. But anyway, its going to be a whole new industry. Its going to revolutionize – it’s a major leap forward and will cause as big a revolution as television did.

We can now reproduce – one effect of this is synasthesia. Where you hear colors and see sound. We used to work hard in the sixties to produce synesthesia using multimedia; sound and light and strobes and raise things to try and fuse it into one experience where you didn’t know whether you were hearing the light or seeing the sound. And LSD created that experience, that’s where people first got it in the sixties, that all senses were fused into one experience. You could actually hear the colors you can actually see the sound. So it sounds like modern Science and electronics is going to bring about the same the experience. With holophonic sound now, you can literally feel, touch, taste, and experience the physicality of that which is supposedly creating the sound.

Question: Sounds like Aldus Huxley’s “Brave New World”

Answer: Isn’t it? Yes. Well, you see the minute we change that belief system now, now that I’ve even told you this, already your belief system about your limitations about hearing and ears and all this kind of thing is starting to change.

Question: Dave, would you talk a little bit more about the left-brain syndrome you referred to before. I have a degree in physics too. And I’m here, which says something on the one hand. And on the other, I find that I have that problem with skepticism. I’ve never seen an astral projection for example, or experienced one. Its difficult to give that whole thing reality. What will make it easier to embrace all this?

Answer: Well, what I did, was I began to research all this. I did the same as I did with anything in the world of the left brain. If I wanted to know scientific fact I got all the data on it, I began to read about it and study it and research it and meet the people who the basic work. So when I got interested in right-brain phenomena, I did the same thing. I just began to read everything I could on it. I began to go to the various institutes and trainings, and meet the people who were doing the basic research and having these experiences and so I learned from my own experience.

You go thru a whole phenomena. First you think the left-brained world is the real one, and you become disillusioned with that, you turn to the right-brained world. Now that becomes more real. The occult, the esoteric, the physic, as you investigate them, they are very very real. Eventually you have to give that up too. But there’s a phase where I was very excited about—right brained phenomena. After all, up to that time, I thought there was this physical body and one day it would fall over due to diseases and things coming in from the world; heredity and all these belief systems and I thought that was the end of it.—literally, that was the end of it.

Now I suddenly discovered the whole world is the right brain. And, what a fascinating experience that was. Not only did I discover these things were real, — “real” in quotes, but that I could also develop them and experience them. None of these things are impossible to achieve if you want to spend a little time and energy and occasionally a few bucks. If you want to find out there’s more to you than just the physical body, its very simple. You go down to Afton Virginia, I suggest you read Bob Monroe’s fascinating book called “Journies out of the body”. . . fascinating book. The man’s courage, innocence and naivte is just very disarming. What a charming human being.

Here’s this human being who began to spontaneously go out of his body. He was like you and I. He was a scientist, an engineer for CBS I think—a communications engineer. All of a sudden he found himself flying out of his body and tearing around astral universes and meeting all kinds of entities and having wild adventures [laughter] he knew nothing about it. But he afterward he would sit up and he kept a very careful log and journal. He put down the barometric pressure; the time, the humidity, the phases of the moon. All this stuff. He didn’t know what it related to but he was trying to put it somewhere in time and space. So he kept a very careful log and journal of his trips. He would just lie down within ten or fifteen minutes, he’d be relaxed and all of a sudden he’d find himself out-of-body. And then he began to scientifically study and found that this was an altered state of consciousness.
He found that altered states of consciousness are associated with different brain rhythms. There’s a new EEG called the “Mind-mirror” . The Mind-mirror is a fascinating electro-encephlograph in that there’s diodes and as you change your level of conciousness, the diodes of the different frequencies fan out and form an actual picture of what your consciousness is doing at any given moment. For instance, if you think of a piece of art, the right side of the brain, the beta frequencies—you’ll see them suddenly flare out. There are a lot of energies going off into that frequency on that side of the brain.

If you ask me to multiply 82 x 44 on that, you would suddenly see the left side of the brain flare out in the higher frequencies. Anyway, he wondered at this phenomena of leaving one’s body and so he began to scientifically study how could you produce this altered state of consciousness at will. And he established the Monroe Institute which is in Astin Virginia in which they use a cross-feed between two audio frequencies.
(to be continued)



David R. Hawkins, M.D., Dan McGrew, and Saul Steinberg 
June 11, 1983 
presented by “The Bridgebuilders” 
Coleman Graphics, 99 Milburn Blvd, Farmingdale, N.Y.
Tape 3, Side A continuing 
Dr. Hawkins continues . . . 
Question: Hugh Prather put it in perspective for me, I think what you’re saying here is, when it (the Course) says, “I need to nothing” it does not mean, do not act. Because “Do nothing” is a literal translation, but we must act because the Course tells us to act. It tells us 365 Lessons to do. So, I think you have to change that thought from “I need do nothing” not taking any action at all, to we do have to take action. But we choose, and that’s our choice to take that action.

Answer:  You see, that action takes place spontaneously. You need do nothing about it. The action happens of it’s own. I’ll tell you the best time to catch the truth of that is. . a rabbit, or something runs in front of your car when you’re driving. And you will notice, after the break has been applied and all, that what happened was, you put the break on and then the ego came in and said, “I decided to put the break on!” No such thing happened. The break was on before the “little “I” realized what was happening. But then instantly, the ego jumps in. . example: Like in Court you’re asked, “And then did you decide to put your break on? “Oh yes, I decided to put the break on” [laughter] but you experienced in that split second, it happened! It happened before you made a decision. You didn’t even have time to make a decision.

So how does the breaking happen before YOU made your big decision, right? Now, once you see that, that’s one of the easiest places to see it. Once you see it, in that little instant, you’ll see that that is happening all the time. You are always acting spontaneously and the ego jumps in a split second later and takes credit that “i” decided to do that.

You see, this body here is moving all by itself. I’m not doing anything with it. It just does these things by itself. Do I have to think where to put the hands? It just does whatever it does by itself with no thought on my part. I don’t have to be concerned about where the body is in time and space. It just is, by itself, doing whatever it does . . you know what I mean? 

You see, we have so much more freedom than what we realize. You think, well unless I consciously try to stay in charge of this body, what will happen to it? What will happen to it is it will prosper and do great [laughter] As soon as you get off it’s back! As soon as you get off your body’s back, you’ll see it prosper. This body loves to dance. It’s a great lover! It eats anything. It never gets tired. 

I had three hours sleep last night. And I feel fantastic. Now, why is that? I dunno, I got off it’s back, that’s all I can say. I let it just be however the Universe is going to make it – and I just kept doing the Workbook. Really, that’s all I did. I just kept doing the Workbook – I’m doing the Workbook again for the sixth time now. Today I’m on something to do with the ruler of the Mind [laughter] something farout like that [more laughter]. Yes? 

Question:  Many people who are successful using the Course In Miracles seem to have had success in the world. Is there a correlation there? Other people have been very successful in their chosen field prior to A Course In MiraclesA Course In Miracles changes their lives and changes their direction and wealth seems to go. And then there are those who are running around into metaphysics who aren’t that happy either. 

Answer:  I understand what you are saying. Well, a lot of that has to do with, as I said, the left-brained world is all illusion. And that you experience the truth of emotionally rather than intellectually. That all what the world says will make you happy, doesn’t. Left-brained world tells you if you have success, if you have all these things, you’re gonna be happy. Right? Miserable!. They’re not going to make you happy.

I used to live on Millionaire’s row. And they shot themselves regularly. [laughter] They had divorces regularly. They committed suicide. They killed each other. They had living death . . they’re on drugs and alcohol and all, right? So, all what the world says will make you happy, didn’t. Alright.

The next thing you get into is the right-brained world. You say, well, if the world of success and materialism doesn’t make you happy, we’ll try a different field. And you get into the right-brained world. You get into the occult and the esoteric and its very exciting for awhile because you’ve discovered a whole new dimension of life. You’ve discovered a whole new universe – multiple universes. And you get fascinated with the right-brained world. 

During that period of time you may not be too concerned with the material world; physical wealth and all those things don’t mean much to you. And you may just give it all up. I mean I walked out on the whole establishment just like in an instant. In an instant it came to me to walk out on it all. The whole thing. I mean I was on multiple board memberships, had a huge practice, beautiful estate and all that stuff. Anyway, in one instant it meant nothing. It was all left behind. 

Then you get enamored with the right-brained world. All kinds of spiritual belief systems. For awhile you think these are the Truth. You’ll see God if you don’t eat meat, right? – all kinds of stuff. Give up sex and you’ll realize the ultimate truth. You do all these things and you find out you’re not experiencing the ultimate Truth. Meanwhile, your love-life is lousy and your nutrition aint so hot [laughter] Your suffering from a protein deficiency [more laughter]. We have a lot of metaphysical mothers you know, whose kids have actually been taken away by the courts. Their children suffer from protein deficiency, brain damage and retardation due to this belief system.

And Macrobiotics. They died all over the place on macrobiotics. Its one of the worst diets you can be on. Macrobiotics will kill you sticking to a strict macrobiotics diet.

So you chase down these right-brained belief systems; witchery, etc.—you get into everything, right? Once you get into it . . I used to go thru the whole metaphysical library. You found on what level it was so within the illusion. And then one day it dawns on you—just like astrology is also illusion. One day you realize it’s also a belief system and a limitation. That you’re all of it. None of this applies to you. None of it is so. You’re all that there is. There isn’t anything else but you. 

So what you see are people who have given up, perhaps, the left-brain world, they’re enamored with the right-brained world and they haven’t let that one go yet. And they’re chasing down that illusion. You chase down in the left-brained world, whether success will bring you happiness. And as you’re sitting there thinking about suicide in your Cadillac, it dawns on you, (snaps fingers) “This aint the way” 

One day you’re sitting in your tent [laughter] eating your brown rice, chanting your chants, everybody holding hands and getting high humming Auummm. (whistles) .sizzling lights, ferries, visions . . . beautiful stuff. One day, (snaps fingers) you also realize that’s an illusion. That’s also not brought you happiness. 

You haven’t got any money and you haven’t got anything to eat. Bad nutrition and you need a bath. Things aint so good. You realize that isn’t the way either.

See, the Buddha found that out too, didn’t he? Buddha talked about the Middle Way. Asceticism didn’t get him there nor did hedonism. He talked about the Middle Path. Inasmuch the Buddha did the original research, he’s never been disproven. Fasting and all those things will serve a purpose for a limited time, but they’re all within the illusion.

You’re not going to realize the Ultimate Truth in a permanent way by fasting. You’ll get an advance flash of it. You’ll get a little closer to what the experience is really like, you can take LSD and get a glimpse, it get you pretty close, LSD can be pretty close to the ultimate Truth. All these things will give you glimpses, but that isn’t where you are. That isn’t where you are. To be there eventually, you’ve got to let go of all the canoes.

A Course In Miracles is a canoe. Frankly, I’ve forgotten the Course In Miracles. I don’t remember anything about it, except whatever came through my mouth about the Course this morning. It’s a total blank. I don’t remember anything about the Course In Miracles. I don’t know nothing about it. There’s a lesson there that says, “Forget this Course” [laughter] This is only a canoe, it’s still a limitation. You’re all of it! What do you need a canoe for when you can fly . . right? 

Even A Course In Miracles tells you eventually that the Course itself is a limitation in a limited belief system. Alright. So the Course In Miracles is necessary to take us to a certain point. And then it says, at that point, it’s like mind stops; realization happens. At that point what do you need the Course for? What do you need a map for once you get to Detroit? What good is a map once I’m here? Don’t need it. 

So that’s really the final answer to your question. First, you let go of the left-brained world and all its belief systems, then you get enamored of the right-brained world and all its belief systems, you eventually have to let them all go. And then the Ultimate Truth hits you in a flash. Happens in one instant (snaps fingers). In Zen they say, heaven and hell are a hundredth of an inch apart. It’s literally so. One instant you’re an ego and in another, suddenly you’re in the Absolute Truth. It happens in an instant with no warning. And in situations that the spiritual world would have you believe are impossible. 

You’re sitting there eating a steak in a public restaurant—you just got through making love, and instantly, the Truth hits you and cancels all those belief systems. You see all these millions and millions of people following all these spiritual belief systems, so how come so few become enlightened? It happens so seldom . .so seldom that they’re libraries of books about it when it happens to one individual. Why does it happen so seldom if people are following all these belief systems? 

Look at them (the belief systems) and see that they’re nothing but limitations. My how holylooking the person is when he’s saying them, but once you’ve seen the Truth, you hear it’s nothing but limitations (for them). 

Let go of a lot of that stuff. You’re actually gonna let it all go. Every belief system. The Course says, not one thing in this world that you believe is true. Not one thing. It doesn’t say with the exception of libraries filled with supposedly learned books. It’s why people never realize the Ultimate Truth. 

Teachers are helpful all along the way. We keep getting higher and higher but you’ll see that a certain system of thought will serve your purpose to a certain point. At that point it becomes an encumbrance. At that point you’ve got to let it go. 

At some point you see it’s not what goes into your body but what comes out of your mouth that makes the difference. At one point you see that. Now you don’t need—but there was a time when you did need the discipline of vegetarianism. There is a time when you’re learning a reverence for Life. There is a time when you need self-discipline. There is a time when you need to know how to let go of desires. You can go for years and years without eating meat and sugar. And as the years go by, apparently what happens is because you’ve learned that lesson, its no longer necessary. And a new lesson comes in and the old belief system may no longer be a necessary encumbrance and you let it go.

Well, that’s what I’ve seen has happened. Eventually, it’s all let go of. All of it. Eventually, we’ll have no memory of A Course In Miracles. Blank. And that will be the proof of the effectiveness of the Course In Miracles. That will be its own most profound truth—proof. 

(break for lunch) 

Well, are there any further questions about what we discussed this morning? Some questions came up at lunchtime and we had a chance to discuss some of these things with others. Yes?

Question: About desires . . can you carry out your desire? I had someone I knew come visit me in their spirit while I was in bed and I didn’t know how to tell him. . what I did not wish (question a bit garbled) what should I do? 

Answer: Tell him to go home! [much laughter] That’s what you do. You use your common sense. “Go home, get back into your body and get in bed!” 

Question: Am I responsible for having desired that visit? 

Answer:   Sometimes yes and sometimes no. What happens is, that one’s desires automatically cause certain things to happen. In other words [laughter] like at the Monroe Institute, we had explorer teams—four or five people who are adept at leaving their body at will, will get together and decide upon a universe and a certain question they want answered and they’ll all decide to meet there. On the way, a couple will get lost. [peals of laughter] On the way there some pretty young thing flys by you and [more laughter] you forgot what you’re out there for—you’re having a fine conversation with somebody more interesting, you know . . and the rest of the team are wondering where you are. Yeah, [more laughter] whatever you’re still holding may interfere. 

End of Side A, Tape 3 
(to be continued)



9 Responses to “GIVING UP ILLNESS AND NOT RECOGNIZING DEATH through A Course in Miracles by David Hawkins”

  1. Suzanna Graf says:

    ! After 10 years I have started the course in Miracles again I listen to you on my podcasts and it helps me to stay focused I’m so much more on track now! I’m very grateful to you for all those wonderful podcasts !
    I used to listen to so many of David Hawkins talks in the past and have some of his books, I love him it’s wonderful that at this time you have given us these wonderful talks that enhance and shed so much more light on the course! Big thank you ! Love Suzanna❤️

  2. Tina Nichols says:

    Thank you Lisa. This talk by David Hawkins was just mind blowing, literally! It opens the mind to a completely new belief system with endless possibilities. Mindset is the key to healing and a powerful tool in recovery.

  3. Lynne Lightowler-Buck says:

    I love the ‘events’ you have with book discussions. Do you think you might go in the direction of Sir David’s book, and here I use the material found on him on his Amazon page: ” “Discovery of the Presence of God: Devotional Nonduality,” is basically an instruction manual for the serious spiritual devotee, revealing information that is known only by those who have transcended the ego to reach Divine Realization. ” I’m thinking that those who have achieved this are also students of ACIM, and this would supplement ACIM. I’ve been using his other book for a few years now . . . a quote here, one there . . . and I’m moving on that title Along the Path to Enlightenment. And he has sooo many more treasures . . . thanks for sharing this material . . . it adds so much depth to here, to this strange isness of illusion . . . it’s really quite an experience assessing all I believe! Blessings always and again, thanks. p.s. Is there more to this particular talk?

  4. Andrea says:

    Thank you Lisa, this is just amazingly mindblowing beautiful, true. I kept on reading it over and over again. What a great finding on your computer.

  5. Phil says:

    I seem to be returning to where I might have been a few years ago – just do the work!

  6. Sherri says:

    Be passersby. Thank you Lisa for finding and sharing. I love that it was just hanging around on your computer ❤

  7. Barbara says:

    Bless Your heart, Lisa!!…EnJOY!!!…xo

  8. Maryanne Mesple says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece! The timing for me is perfect. I have Dr Hawkins book, Letting Go, and now want to consume everything he has published! One of my favorite lines here is this, “It’s not what goes into your body but what comes out of your mouth that makes all the difference” Wow! Everything discussed is spot on for me and where my beliefs are expanding … thank you again for sharing.

  9. Ngaire Shaw says:

    Thank you Lisa. David Hawkins is just brilliant!

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