Gorgeous for God Book Study Group begins on Monday, May 1st!


Apr 25, 2017

In 2007, I self-published a book called Gorgeous for God. I never planned on writing and publishing a book. I began quietly blogging in December 2004 on a website I created (Gorgeous for God) that had no viewers. I had no mailing list. I was writing for myself.

I was writing about my process and progress through A Course in Miracles, because deep down I knew the message was true, but in my life I was no experiencing miracles (at least none that I could see). I felt deeply confused and in conflict and I had an idea that if I made a 100% commitment to do A Course in Miracles exactly as it said to do, that maybe perhaps my life would change.

And that’s what I did.

I created a little WordPress website, told no one, and began to write every day while practicing A Course in Miracles. I was doing the workbook lessons and writing about what was occurring in my life

After a while, I began to receive emails from people who had found my website and who were very grateful for what I was expressing.

I was shocked by the appreciation and gratitude in these letters, because I thought my thoughts and my writing was all over the map, a horrible jumble of someone who really didn’t get it. I thought I was failing miserably, but here is the thing: I was putting it all down as honestly as I could. My main goal was to be authentic and real, to express how I was practicing the workbook lessons and my observations of it.

And then around 2006, my friend Max began to tell me: Natoli, you gotta put these blog posts in a book. You gotta get it out there. It’s really good.

I didn’t believe him. I thought it sucked.

I said no, it will never get published. No one wants to read this stuff.

And he said, yes, they do want to read this. It’s the clearest I have ever seen about how to practice and live A Course in Miracles. And he gave me $1000 to self-publish it. And Gorgeous for God was born.

Thank you Maximillion Just for believing in me and giving me the push I needed. 

I would never have published those blog posts without your encouragement (and dollars!)

And here we are 10 years later! My little baby Gorgeous for God is 10 years old and has traveled around the world!

I published a new edition in 2013 because there were so many dramatic changes in my life between 2007 (when it first went to print) and 2013.

Below (all the way to end of this post is a FREE PDF with the new Preface and Introduction, you can read now about these changes.

Then someone started a Gorgeous for God Book Study Group on Facebook, which I didn’t even know about. I stumbled upon it one day. You can only imagine my surprise!

All these people in love with Gorgeous for God! For a couple years we left the group as a Gorgeous for God Book Study Group, but it started to feel a little stale in there so I changed it to a Book Study Group where we read books that I have heard of and love – and we meet on Monday nights from 7-8pm EST when a group is up and running.

And for the past several months people have been asking me if the book study group can read Gorgeous for God!

I myself have never read the book once it was in print. I read it during the editing process, and then promptly put it aside once it was in book form.

So I’m nervous, excited and curious about what it will be  like to read Gorgeous for God with a group!

We begin next Monday, May 1, 2017 and meet from 7-8pm EST on a telephone call. It’s audio only and there is a recording.

Mark this phone number and website link in your calendar for the 5 Mondays in May 2017 from 7-8pm EST

(641) 715-0700
Access Code: 490714

There is a private Facebook group and during the month of May 2017, I will be doing spontaneous LIVE Facebook videos to answer questions and talk about the book and comments that are posted in the Facebook Group.

I hope you join us.

Lisa Natoli Book Study Facebook Group:

All you need is a copy of Gorgeous for God which you can buy on Amazon – in paperback or Kindle.

Click this image of the back cover or click this link: BUY GORGEOUS FOR GOD NOW

FREE PRINTABLE PDF OF THE PREFACE & INTRODUCTION: I put together a FREE PDF of the Preface and Introduction which you can read and print by clicking this link: Gorgeous for God by Lisa Natoli

5 Responses to “Gorgeous for God Book Study Group begins on Monday, May 1st!”

  1. Roselyn Maples says:

    Dear, amazing Lisa, I recently completed your 40-day program. Thank you for taking your journey and following your spiritual path, which has lead to influencing so many lives, including mine, in such a positive/life changing/saving way. You are a big part of my constant gratitude prayer. Spirit is so amazing!

  2. Katya Baslee says:

    I just bought the book, and then found the book group requires Face Book as the medium for the ‘exchange.’ I gave up on Face Book, for myself, and won’t rejoin. But I’ll receive the the Book Friday, and start it; go along side, so to speak. Thank you, beauty has always been a big issue for me, It’s falling away for me now. Back to the 365 Workbook for Students, now, just started year 2! Katya

  3. teresinhia says:

    I am all in!!!!! I love to read in a group online. It stimulates me to continue. To be present in the calls: I will try. If not I hear it later, and if not I see you in facebook…. and if not I read the book. The most important is that my thoughts are centered in the Truth I am.. Thank you Lisa for the way your carry your Truth around, to us, so we can share it too. I love you.

  4. Laurie Sagalyn says:

    Lisa Natoli I love you. When Britta gifted me your book I had no idea how much it would change the way I see. I had heard/read Marianne Williamson many times but never believed ACIM promises applied to me. I thought about it in theory but had no idea how to live the lessons until I read Gorgeous for God which lead to 40 Day and TOG. Your voice landed and your honesty about your resistance resonated and gave me hope. Your comittment to being love, extending love and sharing love inspires me daily to see and choose differently when I veer off and forget the truth of who I am. I love your wit especially the part in your book about there being a switchboard operator in Heaven who sends us people to answer our prayers! Sometimes this person is a trigger but if I think of them being sent from HS Central Casting I laugh and I look for the block that needs to be brought to the “garbage collector ” to be released LOL LisaLight! Thank you gorgeous Lisa! Your presence is a present 😉

  5. Laurie Sagalyn says:

    want to add … THANK YOU Max for encouraging Lisa to write her book. Your financial support reminds me of the couple who gave Harper Lee a years salary so she could write “To Kill A Mockingbird”