YOUR CALLING. If there was practically zero chance of success, would you still go for it?


Nov 24, 2017


Yesterday I had a great Thanksgiving with my husband Bill and my mom.

We went to my mom’s house and had a beautiful dinner around 2:30 in the afternoon – just the three of us – and then we watched 3 great movies – back-to-back – and ate a lot of pie. It was so fun. I wanted to share with you the movies in this post  – which you can read below – with reviews from me on each of them.

Two of the movies got me thinking and that’s why I am here posting a new blog for you.

How will you serve? What is yours to do in this world? 

There is a well-known quote that is supposedly meant to inspire people to action, but it has never done anything for me personally.

Here is the quote (with a nice pretty picture):


I find this question totally uninspiring. This quote does NOT move me to action. Why would I only do things if I knew I couldn’t fail. I do THOSE kinds of things every day. I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know I won’t fail at that. I started an organization. I write. I teach. I give workshops. I travel. All known. All fairly predictable. 

But what about doing something totally bold and courageous and visionary? What about that? 

What if it was almost guaranteed that I would most definitely fail, be made fun of and ridiculed? What if I was to have no money, NOW, what would I do? Would I continue to do the thing that’s in my heart, calling for me to do it? What if nothing happened for years? What if nothing happened or changed, ever? Would I keep doing it, following that voice in my head that says: “This is yours to do.” 

So …. here is a better question: If you have a vision (or a call) for your life – you have a purpose for how you are to show up in life, you have received instruction about what you are to do here, how to serve, and there is practically zero chance of success and year after year you received setbacks, criticism and judgment … would you still keep going?

Now, THIS is just so much more inspiring to me! 

Many people would not even start on the journey – let alone continue – if failure was the most probable outcome. 

But I am not interested in “most people”, I am interested in YOU. 

What would you do? Would you keep going? Would you begin? 

And this brings me to the movies we watched yesterday:

Two of these movies  – “The Letters” and “The Physician” are absolute must-see-movies for anyone and everyone who has a dream to do something bold or visionary in their life, but who has not been doing it because of any of these reasons: either it’s not been done before, because you will be criticized or judged, because you might get killed, you might die, you might fail, you might be ridiculed, or because people flat-out tell you that you have to stop doing it. 

But here is the thing: when you are connected to your vision and your purpose, and you get “a call”: please don’t let anyone or anything stop you. I’m so grateful for people who trust in their inner voice, no matter if no one believes in them, no matter if the whole world tells them they have to stop what they are doing. 

First: “The Letters” – a movie about Mother Theresa’s life. She says she got “a call within a call.” – first “the call” to go into the convent and be a nun. And then “a call within a call” to serve the poor. 

This movie is excellent. 

Sister Theresa was a cloistered nun who had taken vows and was teaching privileged girls when she heard a call to leave the convent and serve the poor and to go into the poorest of poor places into the slums and give God’s Love there to those who felt abandoned, unwanted, and unloved. An amazing story of a woman who wanted only to give and the challenges she faced and the decisions she had to make. She had to wait two years for permission from the Vatican to see if she could even go outside the convent walls. Most people would have bailed on their dream somewhere in those two years. And then when she was granted permission and was out there in the streets, giving her all, those she was serving didn’t want her there. The convent was not supporting her or helping – and there she was the whole time (even in doubt), continuing to take steps in following her vocation and mission, the call from God to serve. She was unstoppable and it’s incredible story to see what happens when you are clear in your function to give, and the challenges that comes, which are just part of you rising up out of your normal safe comfortable environment. You will be criticized. You will be judged. But when you know your calling – to be a light in this world – you keep going, no matter what. I love you Mary Theresa. The movie “The Letters” is on Netflix


The second movie: “The Physician”. I loved this one also.

“The Physician” is based on a novel, set in the Dark Ages in 11th century England and the beginning of this movie is brutal based on some of the crude healing methods of that time (because they just didn’t know any better) – and the church thinks healing is black magic – and how one boy sees his next step in life, which is going to require him to go on a journey that could end in death OR could end in him fulfilling his dream to learn and train with the greatest healer in all the world. What happens when you discover your true calling? Do you go for it? or do you listen to what other people tell you, that it can’t be done, that it’s never be done, and that you face nearly zero odds of success. This movie also shows the challenges that must be faced to go beyond what is a normal safe ordinary comfortable life.  We loved this one.

After watching the movie “The Physician”, I had the thought that “the distant land” that we have to travel to is A Course in Miracles to be taught and trained by the greatest healer in the world, Jesus Christ. There is no guarantee that you will make it to your destination. You will be challenged on every level to get there, if you arrive at all. Not everyone makes it. Most people talk themselves out of taking the journey before it even begins. You will have to cross an ocean and a desert and leave everything behind. It will require risk and daring and boldness. But you know if you have a calling to leave the magicians of the world to go be taught by the best healer/teacher in all the world, you GO. Nothing can stop you. And then once you are there, you still have to listen to your own heart, trust in your own inner wisdom and guidance, going against everyone’s advice, even the Master Teacher himself. If this post resonates with you, watch the movie “The Physician”.

If you decide want to travel to that distant land to be taught and trained by the greatest healer in the all the world: Do A Course in Miracles.

You can buy it on Amazon. This is my very personal favorite version of ACIM, published by the Circle of Atonement in 2017, based on Helen Schucman’s original handwritten notes. 

The 3rd movie we watched yesterday: “Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond”.

This one is CRAZY, out of control and so good. Jim Carrey’s documentary on what it was like to play Andy Kauffman and Tony Clifton (a character created by Andy Kauffman). During the filming of the movie “Man on the Moon” 20 years ago, Jim Carrey hired a film crew to get behind-the scenes clips and Jim never went out of character, ever. It doesn’t sound like he was even “in character” but he literally become Andy Kauffman. What happens behind the scenes is crazy to watch. I kept saying “oh my god” the whole time we watched it yesterday. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A life lived completely outside of a box, completely uncontained. Jim being Andy being Tony – in the make-up trailer, when the cameras are not rolling, morning, noon and night – and how no one really knew what to expect or how to stop it or turn it off. LOL. The director kept wanting to talk to Jim, but Jim wasn’t there. hahahaha. They had to talk to Andy and they never really knew if Jim was going to get the message. This documentary includes Jim Carrey in 2016 describing what that whole time was like, and how after that filming – the filing of it – the whole charade of fame/success/money did not hold up after that – he realized that he was playing Jim Carrey as a character, and that was fake. The whole thing is fake, made-up – the whole world is fake – so you are totally free now. The movie is on Netflix:  The end is so good. “I wonder what it would be like to be Jesus.” and how he found a hole in consciousness and you can just go through it, and the other side is the best place to live. 


12 Responses to “YOUR CALLING. If there was practically zero chance of success, would you still go for it?”

  1. Natalie says:

    Thank you, Lisa! I especially love the notion of ‘What would you do if you knew you WOULD fail?” Totally agree that the popular variant is totally uninspiring, hahaha. The movie recommendations are appreciated as well! You are the light of the world.

  2. Lisa Natoli says:

    I love these messages! Thank you so much and yes, I love Wonder Woman!

  3. Mary Farrell says:

    I also loved The Letters. What a woman! Thanks for other movie recommendations. Can’t wait to check them out. BTW, took my granddaughter to see Wonder. It is a beautiful movie about courage and Love 💗 Highly recommend.

  4. Deonna says:

    Thank you Lisa. I really enjoy receiving your emails. Your unwavering dedication and all your support in all that do through the teachings of ACIM has had the biggest effect on my life. That’s a miracle. I can’t wait to see two of these movies. I loved the one with mother Teresa. Her love alone for all who suffered had brought such joy to my heart. I know anything is possible with love.

  5. Nancy Benjamin says:

    Hi Lisa-this is perfect! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see all 3. Great weekend to pause and reflect. Thanks for sharing! Love you guys!!!

  6. Sandra says:

    I have watched the Physician and loved it! Looking forward to the other 2. Thanks for the recommendations.
    Regarding the question “….would you still go for it?” Definitely YES! I always say” I´d rather die regreting what I did than what I didn´t do”.

  7. Shasta says:

    I just published a children’s book that took me two years to get illustrated, and it’s common knowledge that to be a successful author is very rare. But I had received a message from Spirit during one of my morning meditations to write this book so there was no way that I was going to give up. I realize that the book will not be accepted by all, nor understood or enjoyed by all, but I knew I had to get it published.

  8. Jay Padilla says:

    Thank you Lisa, I was always inspired by the life of Mother Theresa, i’m going to watch it. I love your messages because you always inspire me.

  9. Bonnie Powell says:

    Lisa, your light grows and grows! My gratitude to you and Bill for your constant inspiration.

  10. Diane Denomme says:

    Hi Lisa,,,, Thanks for sharing this. Can’t wait to watch these movies. I am always look forward to your emails or the Teacher’s of God Foundation emails. They are gifts from heaven and I truly love it. I’m on day Review V from ACIM365 and some days I love it, some days I am frustrated but one thing I know for sure is that I will never give up cause I now know that I have a guide and that He loves so very much. So thank you, thank you, thank you. We are all so blessed to be God’s beautiful children and that’s all that matters. End of the story 🙏❤️😇

  11. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the recommendations and they are all 3 on Netflix, I que’d them up already.
    I love you and Bill. Hugs and Love

  12. Sharon Zewert says:

    Thank the blog, the movies, and the gift YOU, Love and Light of the world.

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