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The Lisa Show focuses on practical transformation, miracles, prayer, healing and happiness. 

Each week, you will learn how to apply the simple practices of A Course in Miracles in your life. You will become consciously aware of the words you use, the feelings you experience in your interactions, how these words and feelings create events and situations, and how you can choose different words and feelings to create different experiences.

When you make a decision to see beyond the appearance of sickness and problems, and consistently hold your focus on love and the truth, sickness and problems disappear.

Join Lisa Natoli each week for inspiring stories, words of encouragement, practical tips on how to easily move from fear to love, and interviews with top spiritual teachers and authors whose lives have been transformed by A Course in Miracles.

Lisa Natoli is a best-selling author, healer and teacher whose life has been completely transformed by A Course in Miracles and led to a direct encounter with Christ. She was healed through prayer, forgiveness, and the miraculous power of God’s love. She is devoted to helping others in their awakening and teaching others how to heal themselves.