Practicing forgiveness was Bill Thetford’s full time-job. What is YOUR full-time job?


Aug 20, 2017


When Bill Thetford (co-scribe with Helen Schucman of A Course in Miracles) was asked after he retired “Well, Bill, what are you doing now that you are retired and living in California?” he would respond that he was practicing forgiveness as a full-time job.


Good one.

I love this. What is YOUR full-time job?

22 Responses to “Practicing forgiveness was Bill Thetford’s full time-job. What is YOUR full-time job?”

  1. Silvia says:

    My full time job is to practice unconditional love, “being” in the presence of God and to give. The first time I said this was with 24, today I am 49 and thankfully remembered who I am trough ACIM 365 and LIP. Thanks to Lisa & Bill. I am so grateful. Lots of Love

  2. Tamara Penner says:

    Living in God and He in me. Walking in this world seeing God IN and FOR everyone.

  3. Jules says:

    To whom it may concern Please accept this letter of retirement from my full time position as Separate Person, effective immediately.
    I have certainly had moments of pleasure in this job and learned lots from my colleagues, but I feel I am ready to move on to the next phase of life.
    I handed in my Free Will at the front desk, and in this moment I anticipate lots of Joy, Happiness, Ease and Grace replacing it with Gods Will.

    In gratitude for the experiences.
    I know you know this was inevitable.
    Warm regards,
    The Holy Self 🙏


  5. suzy says:

    The same:)


  7. Therese Palmer says:

    My full time job is suiting up and showing up in my life, to see who and what God has planned for me to meet each day. I ask him to be in charge of my mind and heart, words and deeds. My full time job is to trust everything that unfolds before me as perfection in God’s world, as S/He is in charge. Even the stuff that seems bad, I know will further my development/bring me closer to God and salvation, as I learn to cope with and forgive everything and everyone in ‘my’ dream.

  8. Yolanda says:

    My full time job is to live these beautiful words from Jesus “My daughter you are with ME
    Always and Everything I have is yours! “

  9. Lisa B says:

    My full time job is to be vigilant for God, forgiving others for what they did not do, and to give over self-attack of the body with false innocence!

  10. arthur says:

    retirement is the BOMB. I do everything in joy. someone has to be me and I’m grateful its me. I don’t do anything but ask my boss where do you want me to go and he guides me there. then he guides me in helping others to there guidance. easy peasy —- and he pays me. the pay is I get to do everything in joy.

  11. Joyce says:

    My full time job is to walk in freedom with God freeing myself of past grievances. I am no longer small and insignifecent I am unlimited happy joyful and adventurous loving life feeling love and God’s presence in all that I do and be. Thank you Lisa for the gift of this course as I let go the grievances that I didn’t realize were keeping me small and locked up inside I am so grateful to you. I am free to be me.

  12. Maryanne says:

    My full time job in retirement is practicing radiating love and forgiving myself. Great comment about full-time dependence on God.

  13. Pa pigo says:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  14. Rose-Marie says:

    My full time job is to remember I aim love , joy happiness, health, wealth and a child of God and I aim one with everyone no matter what happens .

  15. Jules says:

    My Job is to free the mind of Fear. Simple.

  16. Kimberly Cartwright says:

    My full time job is saying YES to everything! WOOT WOOT!!

  17. Iriana says:

    My full time jobs are to laugh at myself and to ltrust God with every breath I take. Love you Lisa ❤️🦋❤️

  18. Nicci says:

    … returning to the Holy Instant and forgiving, giving forth to the Holy Spirit what is not real for undoing and healing.

  19. McNulty Paul A T says:

    I am retired and enjoying my ‘peacs’, thank you Lord. I don’t have much to forgive except myself, my lack of oneness , my doubts and fear of letting go.
    So what I am concentrating on is giving unconditional love ❤️ to all my brothers and sisters. You, Lisa, have helped me get this far and I thank you 🌹 For that❗️

  20. Betty Meijerink says:

    It is my job to be and stay vigilant for the Kingdom of God. To me it means to lbe aware of my thoughts like a hawk and catch them

  21. I’m a therapeutic musician and I play for hospital patients, nursing home residents and people with special needs. Sometimes I play instrumental classical/fingerstyle guitar and sometimes I lead sing alongs. I LOVE my job!! I love meeting all kinds of people and brightening their day with music. Thank you!

  22. Gilberto says:

    My full time Job also practicing forgiveness with a full dependance in God

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