“Thank you so much Lisa- you are a master of simplification, extracting the clear essence out of a difficult seeming material! And with all your love you were planting seeds to grow into our hearts!” – Mary Eichler-Bilek

“The beauty of Lisa Natoli is that she simply and powerfully challenges people to see everyone and everything differently. Her teaching style is one of patience, grace and kindness while at the same time disrupting all your thought patterns!” – Joanna

“Lisa Natoli was a Game Changer for me in learning (and finally living, practicing and applying) A Course in Miracles. I’m finally understanding it at a deeper and more simplistic way.” -Christi

“The way Lisa Natoli teaches is really inspiring. She explains things in a way that makes it simple, accessible and understandable.” – Theresa

“Lisa, You make it easy to recognize our oneness with you and with all that is. You were definitely born to teach for God. Thank you so much.” -Jo Chandler 

“My life has dramatically changed because of Lisa Natoli and the 40-Day program. At first I felt like I wasn’t doing it right. My strong type A learning personality came right out and I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I was so hard on myself, I wanted to know what I should do with all this info from “watching myself like a hawk” …I wanted to know it all now. But slowly, over the time, it’s seeped into my way of being, gently but surely I have changed how I perceive the world and myself. I really saw this recently when I had a chance to deal with a delicate situation and I’m thoroughly amazed at the transformation that occurred when I wasn’t looking, but was listening to my thoughts so well that it slipped by my notice. I’m amazed. Thank you so very much for this blessing.”

“Since leaving Christianity, as I knew it, 27 years ago. I have explored many paths. The exploration served me very well. Being introduced to ACIM and Lisa Natoli 2 1/2 years ago, I was intrigued and drawn to the teachings. I wasn’t sure it was my path, but continues on. I found the Christian terms challenging at times. Today I see their meanings of the terms nothing like I experienced before. Now I am CERTAIN this is my path”  -Jackie Sue Holt

“Lisa, I absolutely LOVE this practice of blessing everyone!! Wow wow wow! Absolutely LOVING blessing everyone sent to me today!! It has been so much fun and feels SOOO good!! I work at a busy dental office and never realized I was here solely to bless! Not to mention everyone sent to me in my thoughts. My blessing muscles are getting a much needed warm and fuzzy about it. Had to share!!” -Robin Schmid

Lisa, I am absolutely loving the 40 day program!! Your videos are wonderfully done. You are the clearest teachers I have ever seen. And of course the message is perfection for me. It is giving me something to work at, and shake up…. and that’s a good thing. Lisa, you are beautiful. Love, love, love to you. 🙂 Anne Boal

What is Lisa Natoli’s 40-Day program? It’s doing A Course in Miracles without the hand-break on! What a ride! This ain’t no spiritual high … this Is Living! This Is Transformation. -Astrid Bennet

Lisa, I just want to say how much I loved the 40-Day Program and how it has changed my life, I looked forward to the video and seeing your sweet, smiling face every day. I am seeing life more clearly each day. I expect more and more changes as I incorporate the lessons into my heart. So much gratitude and love to you! – Jean Sampson

My quest for healing and truth brought me to Lisa Natoli and her 40 Day Program. It was as if someone took my hand and led me out of the darkness and into the light. I did not realize it was possible to transform my fear based life to one of pure love just by changing the way that I think. My profound shift made my decision to embark on the Living In Purpose program an inevitable one. It has given me the key to open an ancient door and discover incredible insights and precious gifts that I may never have found. All that is needed is the willingness because Lisa and Bill are the trusting guides who provide the spiritual map to follow. The teachings are clear, inspiring and imbued with truth. The support and love provided by the entire Teachers of God team is fantastic. I am blessed to say that my life will never be the same. I can barely remember who I used to be. I am grateful to finally understand what it means to be “awake”. I am filled to bursting with love, light, joy and the peace of God.” -Sandra Breininger

Dear Lisa, your 40-day program has blessed me with purpose and inner joy. Your lessons cheer me on every morning with divine inspiration. You touch my soul with the clarity of your teachings, which you convey so eloquently through your written words, videos, pictures and inspirational messages. l am like a flower that has fully blossomed through total healing. I am the light of the world extending love. I am doing the program for the third time and continue to be amazed at the miraculous shifts I experience. Thank you for caring, sharing your genuine self, and beaming your love and light to all. I absolutely loved Gorgeous For God in which you so candidly share your own transformation. With Love and gratitude xo – Sandra Breininger

Lisa, I just have to say never thought in a million years I’d have a relationship with God when I started the 40 days. It’s amazing and I find it such a comfort and I’m also so comfortable with it and this is coming from a girl who grew up in a ‘Christian’ family and was put off anything God or Churchie forever so I thought 😉 that is is all…. Love you! Xo – Deb Hurst 

Dear Lisa,
I want to show you my gratitude for your encouraging and inspiring art of guiding us with your 40 day program. It helps me a lot to stay in tune to my true Self, to choose for Love and inner strengths. It helps me to get clear when I am confused and trapped in old limiting patterns. I love it that you help us recognize and trust our inner true teacher and how to easy switch from the ego to the truth inside. So that finally we can trust our inner teacher and not get dependent on somebody else. Thank you, I feel more confidence!! May many people be inspired by you. All the people that I recommended to follow your program are happy with it. Ha-ha, for me it is also the first time, but I trusted it!! We feel blessed. Mieke Scheffers

“Dear Lisa, thank you so much for the 40 Day Program. Your program was exactly what I needed. I went through a miraculous transformation in 2005 and I knew the Truth right then and there. It was amazing. But somehow over the years, life, people, and ego managed to talk me out of what I knew to be True. Your 40-Day program has helped me find my way back to the Truth. I am so grateful. Thank you. xo” – Kim Kings

God I love my life. Up until the last number of days I kept wondering when these 40 days would start working… And all the sudden or to be truthful it was gradual with a sudden change in perspective, I am so excited about my life and I’m looking forward to each and every experience rather than dreading them like I had been. Thank you Lisa and all the 40 day students! – Dawn Kloster

“The 40-day program is a fantastic opportunity to reveal your false beliefs and see them naturally disappear while having fun in the desert but here is the thing: The “Living in Purpose” 6-month Mastery program is going to make you SHINE full blast and be able to share the Light in your mind, it’s like God’s graduate school to Joy!  Lisa’s and Bill’s approach of A Course in Miracles deepest principles will make you understand AND apply its mastery in your daily life, preparing your given function of Love Ministry.  If I had to describe Living in Purpose in 4 words I’d say: Luminous, Loving, Uncompromising and Masterful. I couldn’t be happier with the decision I took to continue with the Teachers of God Foundation and this 6-month program, and if you loved the 40-day like I did, GO FOR IT AND CHOOSE TO LIVE IN PURPOSE.” -Benjamin Benni 
I read A Course in Miracles for the first time in 2007, and it seems I have been reading this book ever since. It is changing my life in the most miraculous way, and I am happy to say, I no longer look at the world the same way. Lisa Natoli and the 40 Day Program has been invaluable to me in helping me to see the message of ACIM come alive in my own personal experience. Her teaching is clear, genuine, loving, funny, and her joyous spirit reaches out to me to show me my joyous spirit in each of her videos. She has been a wonderful reminder for me to remember who I am and how to correctly look at the world I see. Lisa is the Light that is showing me I too am the Light, and I am eternally grateful to have found her. – Karen Montague 

Lisa I’ve been studying A Course in Miracles now for about 8 years. I’m so happy to have found your 40-day program. You make it all seem so easy. I look forward every morning to watching your video and following your practices. You are an awesome Teacher of God. About a week ago I hurt my back shoveling snow. When my mind goes to the pain I quickly remind myself I am not a body and the pain disappears. I am using the healing prayer and all is well. Thank you for all you do. Sending love and blessings. Ghislaine Timmermans 

Dear Lisa, your 40-day program is deeply touching me and making me stronger, more lovable to myself and others, it is very confronting but I get a big support from your video’s every day. My self-confidence and confidence in God grows every day with your program. I am so grateful and happy that you help me in my life. I love you x –Susie Foletta 

HI Lisa… I just want to let you know how absolutely extraordinary I am finding this 40 Day Program. I have been A Course In Miracles student off and on for over twenty years and have to admit, have found much of it ‘heavy going’…. hence the off and on nature of my studies!! What I am finding profound about this program and I am sure, all the other work you do which I am now becoming aware of, is how simple and clear you make it all. The work is not complicated but the ego wishes to make it so, but you bring us constantly back to Truth…gently, firmly, and lovingly…re-affirming constantly the purity of the teachings with practical actions we can bring into our daily lives. I am really being the transformation…thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. – Marga Jansen 

“This past year has been revolutionary for me. I’ve shared before that trying to explain this process of “waking up” spiritually to someone is like trying to explain a beautiful sunset to someone who has never been able to see. I stopped abusing alcohol and other things over two years ago, and as I look back on it all, I am so damn grateful. What I am coming to understand, is that I blocked myself off from love’s presence from a very early age, and allowed a thought of fear to enter, fester, and grow. This tiny belief of fear and not being good enough grew and grew like a tremendous dark shadow and seemed to steal my vision. I forgot that I am only love as a child of God. That’s it. I AM love. That’s all there is. There’s only love. I just forgot about that. My purpose today is to hopefully help someone else remember that they are only love, too, so that we can in turn help someone else see. By showing others how I learned to remove the blocks to love, I can hopefully be a light in that terrible thought of darkness. I get to BE the change, today. And that is a gift that I never thought was possible.” -Allison Bigbie

Dear Lisa, Knowing and not knowing A Course in Miracles for quite some years, I have to say that I felt unable to live it. I was crying out for help, and the most beautiful message was posted on Facebook: The 40-Days Program from Lisa Natoli starts on January 1st, 2016. I checked out what kind of a Program it was and I felt so grateful for having noticed this, this was what I needed to feel more dedicated. The way you explain, talk about your experiences and give explanation by pictures make me “feel” the lessons, the Course becomes vivid to me, as it was never before. I become more and more aware of where my mind is and that I now have so many tools to let my fears go and choose Love. I feel much more quiet and free inside. Your trust makes me feel safe and your guided Love really is to me a call for going home. I have no words to express my gratitude, dear Lisa, for following your guidance to the call for this 40-Days Program. May everyone see and receive the Miracles in this. I love you Lisa – Jolande Broeders 
Lisa you are a great teacher, with humor, integrity, and you have such a clear way of explaining. I am grateful for you offering this course. I thank you and I love you – Kathy Hyland Flett 
Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for this amazing 40 day program. I found you “by accident” right at the start of the last 40 day program in the summer. I love how clear you make the teachings of a Course in Miracles. You are a wonderful teacher. You truly are the light of the world. –Martha Aida De Ochoa 
To Lisa! I am a student and facilitator of a course of miracles from 10 years ago,
On the way I’ve met some wonderful teachers, and if someone has inspired me is this Program from 40 days of Lisa. I even took the wonderful task of translating it into Spanish for that to reach more people and could benefit from the simplicity and practicality of the same. Lisa has the ability to bring these lessons to the plane of everyday life and succeeded in landing concepts that might be so complex viewed from another place, which is very easy to put them into practice. Thank you Lisa, on behalf of the Spanish-speaking community we bless you and we thank you!!! Yvonne Magee
Lisa, just getting in touch to tell you how miraculous your 40-day program is. What an exciting and life-changing 40 days we are now in the midst of, with ups and downs, but real, deep, lasting healing, ‘getting’ the life-changing thought system of A Course in Miracles as never before. Each day, I can’t wait to listen to your voice and learn how new miracles will unfold in my life on that day! You MUST get this important, life-changing work out to more people. It will change the world! – Jackie Sue Holt

I am half way through the 40-day program. Wow what a beautiful journey this is. So many great things to say to you, Lisa, about the way you are presenting these lovely messages, the thoughtful way you have put this program together and the personal attention you give everyone. You are a true expression of Love. I don’t recognize myself right now. I am peaceful, playful, full of joy, finding my voice and trusting my inner guidance. Jackie, the victim that was either scared of everyone or ready to attack them, is fading before my very eyes. Thank you so much. I Love you Lisa. – Sara Blake 
Lisa, About 6 years ago, a friend of mine told me a little about A Course In Miracles and suggested I read your book Gorgeous for God as a starting place. Reading ACIM, listening to your podcasts and radio show (The Max & Lisa Show), reading your emails, doing the Workbook Lessons in ACIM, and taking your 40-Day online transformation programs have changed me spiritually more than anything else I have ever tried. It was your teaching and sharing of your experiences that played a HUGE role in my spiritual path. I believe one day you will be on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and millions will have the opportunity to experience the same transformation I and many others have experienced. The change I experienced after the first 40-Day Program was so powerful, I wasn’t sure it came about from that. I told a co-worker about it and she participated in the next 40-Day Program. She had the same experience and that was proof enough for me. For anyone who needs a God with skin, you are it. I love you, Lisa. – Laura Powers

Lisa, I thank you from my soul for the 40-day program, it introduced me to A Course In Miracles and absolutely changed my life and my thinking in a way nothing could! I have done it 4 times now, and also the 6 month program, and friends who saw the amazing change in me and my thinking, also signed on for the 40 days when it came back around, and they’re friends saw remarkable changes in them and they signed on, so Jesus is definitely getting his light workers, teachers of God carrying the message to others, and that is because of your generous, selfless work you do to carry the messages to others, you are truly an amazing representative of God and I thank you from my soul! Your sister in the Christ mind, Laura.
Thank you for the 40-day program. I have been working through A Course in Miracles (ACIM) for about 6 months now. I feel it has changed my life and lead me to a peace that I have never known. I wanted to understand it better and your program has helped me to experience ACIM in a deeper way. I have gained a better understanding of the material and I feel so much happier. You are truly a gift. I hope you find more ways to get your message out to others who are also searching for peach and joy in their lives. God bless you. -Kimberly Eaton

Hi Lisa, your 40-day Course of Miracles program has changed my life. I have taken it a few different times along with your Living in Purpose. It has had such a profound effect on me. So many people have noticed this change more than anything else including my therapist who I have been seeing for a few years. I love this program and have told others about it who also are taking this course too. It has really opened me up to so much, especially the way I perceive everything now. Thank you for your love and dedication to doing these courses. -Trish Hedine

Lisa Natoli is an inspirational and loving leader and teacher. I have taken her 40-Day Program in A Course in Miracles and I have attended her weekly study group on A Course in Miracles. I cannot express clearly enough how Lisa’s love and knowledge has set me free from so many obstacles. I come from a dysfunctional family unit and I had created a lot of safety techniques to help me feel safe. With Lisa’s guidance, I am free of the internal tapes that limited me so much. I used to think they were helping me and it took Lisa’s lessons and love to help me see that they were limiting me. Thank you Lisa for all you give and for all the love you share. Blessings to you always. Holly Gleason

Lisa~ There are not enough words to tell or explain how much you mean to me. Throughout these years, from Lisa’s book “Gorgeous for God”, the 365 lessons, and numerous 40-day programs you have encouraged and taught me so much. Your simple explanations of the text have helped me understand and grow with each video or MP3 file. I love you sister, as much as any blood sister could or would. You are an inspiration. Thank you just isn’t enough. -Susan Nelson Stover

This 40-day course has been life changing and Lisa you truly are an inspiration. You have opened my eyes in such a beautiful way, for years I have been searching, but you have got through to me! This course is truly life changing, everyone should do it. – Jeni Brooks
The 40 day program sought me out in a way that felt nothing other than miraculous. It’s enabled me to find my way out of the maze. Lisa’s dedication to living in the light is positively contagious. I’ve just purchased ‘ Gorgeous for God’ now. Thank you!!!! -Caroline Lennon-Nally

Your 40 day course has lead me to a place of greater peace than I thought possible. “Watching like a hawk” has proven to be the key I needed to unlock the meanings in prior ACIM studies Thank you so much for sharing the light, Lisa” -Nancy Gray

My life is changing before my eyes as I participate in her 40 day program, a true gift to myself and so many others. Shedding illusions and connecting to my essence as pure love and divinity, she is guiding me to my true self. A place I have been too afraid to live. A self where I know I am whole and healed, light and love, worthy and abundant and divinity manifested. Even though we have never met she has made herself so available and accessible through her videos and Facebook responses I feel like she is talking right to me. I am truly grateful that my path led me to her and my light continues to strengthen every day from her teachings and approach to ACIM. In gratitude and love, Ora Goldin

“Lisa I am in complete amazement. This 40-Day Program has affected me in beautiful ways that I could never have imagined and given me an even deeper understanding of A Course in Miracles, a more spontaneous living it, being it. You are such a blessing and I thank you from my GOD-filled heart. I would say God bless you but that has already taken place.” -Jean Eger 
A sweet return into freedom is what this program has done for me. The 40-Day Program truly is revolutionary. I did not know how much I was suffering until the shift occurred. It all seems very simple to me now. I LOVE that I get to choose to “lay down the sword” and that usually is followed by internal laughter at the silliness of the stories I’m battling with in my head. I had a vision during my few minutes with God before getting out of bed in the morning two days ago. It was a silhouette of Jesus (but a knowing that it was me too because we are one) and he was raising his hands letting go over and over again in front of a movie screen (illusions). This may not make a lot of sense, but I received it in total clarity. I feel such a sense of relief AND release. It’s so amazingly awesome to return home to love. I truly love you all!! I can 100% honestly say today with NO reservations: I LOVE MY LIFE!” -Allison

Lisa, my little practice everyday is to read A Course in Miracles and listen to you. Today my heart is so full of gratitude for you and all that you bring to these daily lessons. They can seem so short and dry (especially the 200/300s). Somehow your own flavor brought them alive and gave them depth. I know it’s really all there in those lines, but, for me, I needed and appreciated your interpretation. Sooooo very helpful. Your passion and glee and love of this message is palpable. It becomes life itself. The transmission of Love and Truth. I’m so thankful that the script brought you along with it. You’re the Companion that comes with every blue book. It’s like I got the bonus package deal. The gold edition. I want to say than you for choosing to be in your function but in this moment it truly feels like it was not Possible, Ever, for you to have been anywhere else but in this function as Light of the World. I look forward to 2016 with You in it. I just signed up for the 40 days just so I could hear someone out there talk passionately about the Truth. Good news for a change. Bless you Beloved for sharing the Joy. I love you. jewels xx Happy New Year. May it bring all the love we deserve” -Julie Scheiber

Dearest Lisa, I really have no words to describe how miraculous this 40-day program is already. Its only Day 3 !!! But time is the problem so I won’t hark on. I AM in the Holy Instant. Sat still in the circle of stillness is like I gave the mind 100% permission to slow it all down and STOP. Just stop. Just like you said. And everything is seen. It’s in super sharp focus mode. Today I uncovered what I would call the Separation Anxiety and I literally threw up it was so strong. But I just followed your guidance and 1 hour later I am sat in the bathtub in Love and Joy and Gratitude. So Thankful for You and this Program.

Lisa You are such a gift to me and the world. It’s like waking up on Christmas morning every day now as I go to bed in anticipation of receiving your messages (gifts) when I awaken. Thanks Santa. Thank you Lisa. With love Deb Fortuna

Lisa, I love you 40 day Program and I wanted to tell you I’m so grateful and humbled and excited at the same time that I’m actually find this course! It was meant to be for me! You are so wonderful, mornings I’m very excited to open my email and do your lessons, my mornings start with meditation since a long time but the lessons from you pushed me in a way that I feel much more confident on my journey. I was always interested in A course in miracles but could not connect. You made it happen! I’m so grateful for you, I learned a lot even this short period of time. Thank you again! Helga

Lisa !!!This is SO MUCH FUN ! You are so beautiful and you TOTALLY shine! THANK YOU deeply. For showing up every day. For caring so much. For sharing your journey & insights. WOW! This is tremendous. I am on the edge of my seat! You truly are a gifted teacher. Your big beautiful smile & joy are a blessing to me and to so many others. Thank you =) Love, Irene
Lisa is such a beautiful expression of God’s love for us, what an honor and a joy it is to listen to her voice and hear her teachings for 40 days. She presents The Course with her usual sense of approachability, clarity, insight, and love. I continue to use tools from the 40 Day Program to move from horizontal thinking to vertical thinking, and those transitions become quicker and gentler as Lisa reminds us of our true identify. When I bought Gorgeous For God, I could not put it down. Prior to following Lisa’s teachings, I had A Course in Miracles but continued to struggle with “the stamp” that I believed my past had placed on me. I thought that my story about my Father’s suicide when I was 5 years old and the abuse of my childhood branded me as defective, unlovable, and bad. I never believed I would experience anxiety-free or depression-free existence. Lisa taught me how wrong I was! She is a communication device for God, who wants us all to remember that we are The Light of the World.Thank you, Lisa, for reminding us of what we truly are and for offering your powerful teachings to the world. I love you.” -Sandy Robbins Zimmerman 

Dearest Lisa! I want to thank you with all my heart for your tremendous 40-days-programm. You are such a GIVER. It is amazing! For me, you are a true Teacher and Master: you accept your position and you are still so humble and full of humour about where you stand yourself on your spiritual journey. I am so happy that you are a “normal human being” instead of a “guru”. I have been working with ACIM for years now, but only through your teachings I have been able to really make tremendous progress. I cannot begin to thank you for all you have done for me in this respect. Before I started the 40-days-programm, I had come to a point where I felt so depressed and full of self-hatred for my inability to kick into gear and “function” the way my ego wants me to. Through your marvelous guided exercises already so much has changed in my life, although we are only half-way through! In my family, everyone is amazed by the results. I feel full of love and joy again. My depression is gone. I had splitting headaches over the last 6 months. I have not had a headache since 10 days! GOD speaks to me. I so clearly see the role my ego plays and don’t feel ashamed or resentful about it anymore. I reap the fruits of all the years of work, just because you showed me the way!
I cannot wait to complete this course and to continue with more from the courses you offer. I just love you!
Be blessed dear Lisa! -Joan De Groot 

My search for the Holy Spirit began at 14. When teased for my youthful innocence of looking for peace, I turned to drugs and alcohol to stop the ego voice and grievances. Now in my 26th year of recovery with God consciousness and a desire to ‘bump’ me to the next spiritual level I was introduced to Lisa Natoli and her daily instruction for A Course in Miracles.
Lisa is here to share her Light so now I AM the Light of the World ! A light worker for love, peace and learning to remain in the Holy Instant with the Holy Spirit. The ego grievances mainly gone. I AM awakened. (It happened on the 21st day ). Through daily work,, following Lisa”s directions via videos, readings with an open heart and mind, I stand in my Circle of Love and Light. Who wouldn’t want to stand in the peace of God, in their Circle of Love? Thank you Lisa, I love my life ! My search has come full circle. Blessings. -Donna Witt-Henderson 
To teach is to demonstrate. Lisa is pure love, light joy and peace in demonstration. Her 40 day Course has been such an inspiration and rededication to everything I hold dear….to Truth! Her simplicity, her requests, her uncompromising determination to see only Light/Love provide a continual confrontation within your own mind to not accept any less for yourself and to start playing BIG. It has been a spiritual detox for my Soul. I’m done with guilt, with fear, pain, criticism of myself and others, judging not being Present. Enough to thinking small, playing small, being small in all its ways. Hello Freedom! Hello Love! I am here Now. Thank you Lisa! Thank you God! – Cybil-Kathleen York


Dear Lisa, day by day, you helped me realize that I was done with my negativity and the repetition of the same pattern in my life. It helped me to shift from the thought system of fear and scarcity to the though system of Love and abundance, and to reconnect with the truth of who I am, allowing me to completely transform my daily reality. But most important of all, you helped me reconnect with God, that I had mixed up with the external figure presented by the Catholic Church and pushed out. Thank you Lisa!! -Caroline Despret 

Lisa Natoli, you have changed my life! Since reading Gorgeous For God and following your teachings through Teachers Of God and your 40 day program the most incredible changes have occurred. Thank you, God! Your continued teachings in Living In Purpose have allowed me to let go of what does not serve my highest good and to follow divine guidance in my daily decision making. Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom so freely. Namaste -Linda Richard 

Lisa I can’t even begin to express how eternally grateful I am to you and this 40 day program. Life altering, transformative. I’ve never experienced such pure love, peace and joy and the ability to hang onto it through my (used to be very stressful days.) I’ve had over 40 women at church, and many more from work ask me what I’m doing differently because they say I radiate joy. I have spent years trying to release the junk I have hung onto and in 22 precious days that junk is all gone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart I love you! Can’t wait to read the new book, because I Love Love Love Gorgeous for God. -April Lange 

Lisa Natoli’s 40 Day Program has changed my important relationships, making them easier, more loving, and more satisfying. Over 30 years of difficulty with my sister has been healed. Even more important to me, my relationship with another member of my family is happier and easier and the healing is ongoing. I believe that Lisa has the ability to write a best-selling, life-transforming book which will make it easy for others to have the same healings in their relationships. -Bonnie Nihart-Wineinger Mason 

All my life I’ve been struggling with low self esteem and depressions. For the last 20 years I have tried all kinds of therapy and courses. But I have never been able to really change my life. The depressions always came back. After I began the 40 days program my life is totally changed. Lisa Natoli – you are the most amazing teacher I have ever ‘met’ – and you make the work in ACIM so simple. I know in my heart that my life will never be the same. I have always been Love but I couldn’t see it. Now I can see again❤ Thank you with all my heart Lisa -Svava Kristin Eliassen 

For the last 27 years, I project symptoms of muscles weakness in the body and in the last couple of years I use a wheelchair to be able to move around. The story ells me that other people in the world have the same sickness, called muscular dystrophy, to prove the disease is real and not in my mind. The Truth tells me, the world I see is in my mind and it is all illusion, together with the sickness named muscular dystrophy and the many people in the world who suffer from it.
I did my job, the healing is done! I know I have created this. I have let go of everything that I thought this sickness is giving me. I acknowledged this sickness is my defense against the Truth. And I remember I Am as God created me, the Light of the world.
The symptoms still remain. And there is this small voice which tells me, miracles do collapse time and if I am healed, the symptoms would not appear. But I know it is over, I do not know in which way everything would be unfolded and I don’t care, but I know the Healing is done! Looking for a proof, its just ego way to use its own instrument to deceive further.
I wanted to share this, with all of you, although we are One Mind, which already witnessed, the Healing is done. Thank you Lisa, thank you everyone for walking this journey together, back to God! Love you all. -Jagoda Risteska 
Today I’m on day 20 and I must say that the peace I feel is nothing compared to what I have felt before. My breathing feels so effortless, light and soft and my body feels like this soft breath. I see now that I have never known true peace. Until today it was merely a concept. Thank you my wonderful family here…it is this unity I believe we have here that shifts us all. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. -Zehra Derdiyok 
My healing is for a (so called rare retinal disease that I have held for almost 20 yrs. ). today I drove without my glasses and didn’t realize it until I arrived home in the driveway !!! Letting go. So Cool! -Maryanne Turvin 

Thanks to the 40 Day Program, Lisa Natoli, and the Course in Miracles and of course, God who is Love, for giving me my daughter back. She called last night and it was just like old times: all the joy and the joking around are back. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bonnie Niehart-Wineinger Mason
Since I have been taking focus off this body, working on catching these false beliefs, I no longer have high blood pressure. Really enjoying these lessons, so powerful. And now the blood pressure machine is going in the trash.” -David Menegon Jan 22, 2016:

Kimmy Audley Jan 12, 2016:
I’m soooooo excited!!! I have to share I’m no longer a smoker !!!!!! Talking with my inner child the reason I started was when I was twelve, tw of my friends did and they said try it! And of course I did, lol althogh I coughed and I mean alot I became a smoker I tried one million times over the years not to smoke, to no avail! But Lisa your teachings have been making me see soooo many things and now I hate smoking!!!! Hahaha I’m freeee I love you Lisa thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re helping my inner child to be strong and happy !!!

Dear Lisa,

Thank you God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Lisa for the 40 Day Program. I am so grateful! This experience has been brutal because the rage and hatred that was coming up was horrifying. I have heard David Hoffmeister call this ego backlash. I have experienced this many times since I decided to take ACIM seriously. The difference this time is that you are there for me every day supporting me. I was feeling guilty because I felt I was doing the Program half-assed. Yet every day I at least watched the video. And best of all, at the end, you say I Love You. So no matter how crappy I was feeling I heard you say I Love You, and I also knew it was God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit saying I Love You.

On Saturday 1/16, in the midst of raging I gave up my need for chronic neck and back pain. I didn’t think anything would happen because I was raging at God. That night I went to bed and my body felt like it was sparkling, not tingling, but sparkling. It was so soothing and I knew something was happening. I felt so peaceful. That was 10 days ago and the pain gradually calmed down to the point where there was no pain, just stiffness in the neck. I have been saying the healing prayer that you posted throughout the day and now I am pain free and can freely move my neck. I needed this Miracle Lisa and it’s not so much about the pain, it’s about the proof of who I really am. This Program really, really works. Seeing your face, hearing your voice and being told I Love You every day makes a huge difference. Thank you for your inspiration, honesty about your experiences and your Love.

I Love You.

Follow up email from Marguerite:

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your response and more LOVE, support and encouragement. Right back at you my Sister! Thank you for posting my letter on your Facebook group. If I can do this through the midst of rage anyone can. I used to think that spiritual awakening was for “special” people. Now I know differently. It is so cool that you provided the video of your interview with Wendy Johnson. What I saw in her was an everyday ordinary person who was challenged by life events from the beginning. As I was watching her (and by the way you affected me the same way when I saw you on the Miracle Share conference) I experienced a flip of the switch in perception. If Wendy and Lisa can do it, so can I. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!

Did Judy tell you that I can now hear out of my left ear? Interesting to note that the back pain and hearing loss took place in 1984 after divorcing my husband. Major guilt and now I got it all back after major forgiveness. Mind blowing indeed!

I think you should rename your program to the 40 Day Rocket Fuel Program! My Love and Gratitude cups overfloweth!

Love and Blessings!


Thank you so much Lisa for the love that you share. I want to share with you an experience that I had this evening. This evening I was reviewing my commitment letter and also the
“False (Old) Way of Being” and “True (New ) Way of Being” cards …. and …. When I read all that I had written on the False/Old Way of Being card …. I discovered that I no longer felt any of what I had written !
I could hardly believe that only a few weeks ago I had painfully written all of those things down …. crying in physical and emotional pain … not ever imagining that I could ever really be free of those experiences and feelings and thoughts!! And this evening when I read those words, it was as if I was reading from another person’s journal ….. I can’t believe that I really felt all of that just a few weeks ago … actually just a few days ago as well …. as I read them a few days ago also and did not experience what I experienced this evening!

Thank you

I am a child of God
Lord, I am here ….


Dear Lisa I am a single mom with 14 year old twin boys. I have been struggling with depression almost all my life. The last 5 years have been very difficult. I´ve been diagnosed with many different mental disorders and haven’t been able to work for many years. All though I have always believed in GOD and I have always had love in my heart. Many times I have had some kind of a spiritual awakening. First time when I was only 10 years old. I asked GOD if I could die. GOD took me out of my body and into this place where there was peace and love. It was so wonderful and I just wanted to stay there. Then I suddenly was back in my body, and I knew that I could never die, that only the body can die. The today practice is amazing. Because staying with GOD and the love has been so difficult. And I didn’t know how to do it. So I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this program. May God always be with you, me and everyone. I love you. Svava