Best teaching I have ever heard on prayer


Apr 07, 2018


Many people think of prayer as something you do to ask for something to change. 

Either we are praying for a healing, or praying for someone to get better or praying for more money or for circumstances to be different. 

Who are you praying to? 

Did you know you are praying all the time? 

Every thought you have is a prayer and every prayer is answered immediately. We are praying without ceasing! When you say or think “I’m angry” that’s a prayer and you get more of it! Ask and receive! 

I wanted to share this video with you – it’s my man Bill Free – and its his talk from yesterday’s ACIM Friday morning group (on Friday, April 6, 2018) and it is the best teaching I have ever seen on the topic of prayer. 

I was just blown away by it – so I wanted to share it with you. 

I know how busy everyone is and who has time to watch a whole one hour video? (not me! unless it’s really REALLY good!) 

And this one is great. Seriously. There is so much good content in here to change your whole entire view on prayer. Thank you Bill! 

So … I wanted to give you a few of the best bits of what’s inside this video and then you can decide if it’s important to you to learn how to pray, in a true way that results in a different outcome and a different experience – one of peace, joy and gratitude. 

Imagine spending your entire life dedicated to prayer! Imagine being a miracle worker where every thought you have is blessing yourself and others! 

If this interests you, keep reading and then enjoy the video! 

In this talk,

  1. Bill reads part of Cameo 10 from the CE edition of A Course in Miracles where Jesus instructs Helen Schucman how to pray. This is so good! You can reach other minds from your mind and heal them. 
  2. Bill reads parts from the Song of Prayer Booklet (from the Foundation for Inner Peace) 
  3. Bill gives some eye-opening examples of how we are all “praying without ceasing” all through the day already with our thoughts. You think: “I have no money.” That’s a prayer and boom! No money! Ask and receive! You are very powerful! Herein lies the great necessity to guard your thoughts more carefully. What are you asking for? Watch your thoughts. 
  4. Bill gives a meditation
  5. And finally: What I love most about this talk is the reminder from Jesus of how we can use our time throughout the day – how when we listen to the inner voice that is always instructing us – we are shown where to go, what to do, what to say. Bill shares from Cameo 10 a beautiful story about Helen Schucman and her husband Jonathan (Louis) – and how she was able to reach him while he was sleeping with her mind reaching his mind – and when he woke up, he was better. We all have this power and ability to pray in a true way. 

Enjoy this video: 

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The Cameo Essays are in the CE version of of A Course in Miracles. Order a copy here: A Course in Miracles

The Song of Prayer booklet is in some versions of the Foundation for Inner Peace ACIM book – the blue book. Check in the back of your copy to see if it’s there. If not, you can order a copy of Song of Prayer through the Foundation for Inner Peace. 


Love, Lisa

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