Raising miracle-minded children: Interview with Dr. Roxie


Mar 21, 2018


One of my favorite doctors is Dr. Roxanne Daleo – Dr. Roxie! – a Harvard-trained counselor who works with children and their parents teaching miracle mindedness, with a focus on A Course in Miracles.

I interviewed Dr. Roxie yesterday and  the video is below. 

I almost wasn’t going to publish this interview because even though I was looking at her directly during the entire interview (on a split screen), when I watched the replay, it looks as if I am looking in the opposite direction away from her, which in my mind is distracting and is THE OPPOSITE of the very message she is teaching: to be present with everyone, and look them in the eye. 

But then I realized: this is a REALLY great message, and so I am posting this video AS IS (and next time I will be aware to look into the camera!).

I hope you enjoy this message as much I do.

I asked Dr. Roxie if she could send me a few pointers that I could include in this post along with the video:

Here is what she says: 

I like to remind folks who are interested in cultivating Parent-Child Miracle-Mindedness of these three keys:

1. SLOW DOWN! Remember, your child is watching and modeling you- so BE PEACE and your child will be peaceful too.

2. Draw your child close with all your heart by giving her/him your time and attention.
BE LOVE and your child will be loving-kind.

3. Enjoy the moment– “Stopping By Woods On A Snowing Evening” is a poem by Robert Frost that reminds us to savor the quiet delights of winter. But in every season, we can BE HAPPY. Next time you pick up your child from school, do something joyful and unexpected on the way home–park the car by a snowy wood or waterway and create delightful memories while having a fun snack in the backseat of the car.

Your child will express joy too!

Blessings To All,
Dr. Roxie

After you have watched the video, I would love to hear from you! Please post in the comments below how you can change some of your routines from what you learned in this video

Dr. Roxie gives 3 awesome new habits you can develop to help you have a great relationship with your kids (and to me, these 3 work wonders with adults and relationships of any kind!) 

The Send Off
Welcome Back

Here is the link to Dr. Roxie’s 4-week Online Program that I mention in the video:

If you have been wanting to raise your child with miracle-mindedness, definitely check out the details for this program. 
You will love Dr. Roxie! 
xoxoxo Lisa 

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