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May 04, 2018


I’m not a meditator, but I do love being quiet. I also have found that the fast-track to a life of joy is listening within and then trusting and following the guidance that you receive, even if it goes against what you thought you wanted to do or what YOU thought should be your next step.

I’m the guest teacher this morning – Friday, May 4th – at the ACIM Friday Morning Group that meets every Friday at 10:30am EST and the topic is Meditation and Guidance.

Did you know that this ACIM group is LIVE-STREAM every week?

Did you know that many people from around the world join here and have made this their Course in Miracles group?

If you have been wanting a Course group, here you go.

Register here – it’s totally free:

Tomorrow morning I will be reading from and teaching from Cameo #18 from A Course in Miracles.

It’s so good. It makes me laugh out loud (in several places actually) at how unbelievably direct Jesus is as a teacher. For me, he’s my role model in all things because he’s gentle and patient, but at the same time he’s completely uncompromising and I love that.

I was going to do Cameo #14 tomorrow because that one is so freaking good also – about how one error thought that you have leads to a whole bunch of other error thoughts … and down the rabbit hole you go. A chain of mis-creation.

But then this morning, I crawled into my bed with my coffee for my usual morning-time chat and check-in with Jesus and A Course in Miracles and I opened to Cameo #18 and OMG.

I encourage you to read them both. I have put a link at the bottom of this email to buy A Course in Miracles. It’s also on Kindle for only $9.99!

I particularly love Cameo #18 because I’m not a meditator myself, in the usual sense that people talk about meditation and I’m amazed that Jesus talks about meditation because the word “meditation” only makes one or two appearances in A Course in Miracles. So I loved that he’s talking about meditation, and giving it quite a bit of space.

The second part in Cameo #18 is about guidance – about “Bill (Thetford’s) problem with communication” which seems to be about his difficulty with hearing God’s voice, the way Helen Schucman hears God’s voice.

Again, I laughed out loud when I read why he can’t hear God’s voice, because it’s so simple! He gives us a process so that all of us can hear the voice within and follow it – which results in miracles. The other way – our usual way – leads to irritation, frustration, overwhelm, anger and things going wrong.

So, if this sounds interesting to you, please register. I’ll be covering this topic tomorrow.

What I really love about this section – Cameo #18 – is that in the workbook lessons we are told very simple there is only ONE PROBLEM and ONE SOLUTION – separation – and yet here in Cameo #18, Jesus talks about Bill’s problems and Helen’s problem and I just really like that. That the specifics of our lives can be addressed.

So, that’s tomorrow morning. It’s LIVE. I’ll be there in person in Amesbury, MA. I would love to meet you in person if you are in the area.

Otherwise, tune in to the live-stream at 10:30am EST, Friday May 4th.



To read these Cameo Essays for yourself, buy a copy of A Course in Miracles here on Amazon by clicking this link.

It’s also available on Kindle.

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