Jesus speaks about Revelation and Sex.


Jan 20, 2018


Below is a talk I gave yesterday about Revelation – what Jesus says about it to Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford.

If you are not hearing God’s Voice, the thing to do is to start giving miracles which removes the fear. Absence of fear is a prerequisite for revelation, for hearing God’s Voice.

Also in this video I talk very briefly about sex – how almost the entire discussion from Jesus never made it into A Course in Miracles. 

Did you know that Jesus gave Helen 3300 words on sex??? Only 300 of these words made it into the Urtext. And only one sentence made it into the blue book and every word “sex” was removed completely. So….. if you really want the whole scoop, all 3300 words from Jesus on the subject, buy the CE edition of A Course in Miracles. (the purple book). It’s very clear. Very direct. And simple stated. Jesus says: “the topic of sex is an area the miracle worker must understand”

I hear a lot of people say “I have the Urtext” but I don’t think they understand exactly how much information is missing from that version. If you want the original message from Jesus that was given to Helen Schucman, get the purple book. 

You can order a copy of A Course in Miracles either in hardcover $39.95 or on Kindle for $9.99. I have both versions. 

If you want to do the workbook lessons with me every day for a year join ACIM 365, my one-year audio program to receive a 10-minute daily audio talk from me, for every single workbook lesson, for every day of the year. Start whenever you are ready.

Enjoy the video!


7 Responses to “Jesus speaks about Revelation and Sex.”

  1. Lisa Natoli says:

    Thank you Frances. I love you.

  2. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Claus – it’s all in the CE edition of A Course in Miracles 3300 words. In this video, I am pointing people in that direction, to get the book. ENJOY!

  3. Claus Diers says:

    Dear Lisa,
    thank you for the speech!!!❤️ I could not find anything about sex. Is it really in this video?

  4. Frances says:

    I find your ‘teaching’ to always be powerful, Lisa. Thank you. I Love you 🙏❤️🙏

  5. jeff danner says:


  6. jeff danner says:

    Good teaching, sister (brother)

  7. Oh dear Lisa, my words fail to express the depth of gratitude and oneness I feel with you/from you after being present in yesterday’s talk. I thank you with my whole heart and look forward to continous miracles and growth opportunities. I love you too. – Lisa Renee

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