How long can you consistently stay in love, in joy, in gratitude?


Apr 19, 2017

Shifting from a fear-based way of being to a state of joy and gratitude only takes only an instant.

It’s a decision. 

It’s a choice to choose the joy of God over pain as what you really want. 


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Right in this very moment you can absolutely remember your wholeness and become aware of Love’s Presence that you ARE. So that doesn’t take any time at all. You can easily remember that you are Spirit, One with all.

No problem. You can remember that God is here, that you are Love, that all is well.

But then what happens????


We slide back into old habitual ways of thinking and reacting … until we don’t anymore.

Who is in charge here? Your emotions or YOU?

You have THE ABILITY and THE POWER to stay consistently in joy and gratitude.

You have the power to pay attention.

You have the power to choose the joy of God over pain.

You have the power to notice what you are noticing and decide to see things differently, from a place of love and compassion.

It should begin to interest you that so often we let our emotions and thoughts drive the car and run our lives. Who put them in charge? Who gave them the car keys?? How and When did we allow our fear-based thoughts (that have never ever served us) to be the Boss?

So the REAL WORK in transformation/awakening is staying consistently IN the new way of being, staying consistent in remembering your wholeness – long enough for the physical to catch up with your change of mind!

Take back the car keys! This is your life. Your thoughts should not be driving the car.

All sickness is imbalance.

All healing is a return to the awareness of wholeness.

Are you ready to be healed? Are you ready to STAY healed?

Shifting your energy is SUPER EASY. That’s nothing. Anyone can do that.

Staying there however. That’s another story!

How long can you stay consistently in a state of mind of peace and joy?

Don’t effort. This should not be difficult work.

Simply watch yourself.

The 40-Day Program is offered online for free by the Teachers of God Foundation, and it has transformed thousands of people’s lives. 

I say: Watch yourself like a hawk.


Today for the whole day, watch yourself like a hawk.

Watch your thoughts.

Watch how you feel.

Catch when you slide. Then deliberately choose love. Actively choose to feel good. Shift to gratitude and love.

Then watch how long until THE GREAT SLIDE begins. Be amused by it!

Watch when you slide back into fear and worry and old ways of thinking. Make it into a game you’re playing. Don’t judge. Don’t beat yourself up. Just watch! And laugh.

It’s quite funny when you watch with awareness.

This exercise of watching yourself is more entertaining than Facebook, television or movies.

Have fun with it.

Be amazed!! Be amazed that you have the ability to watch your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Be amazed that you have the ability to shift back to gratitude.

Catch when you you slide into doubt, worry, fear, negativity, complaining, judging.

Don’t make yourself guilty for sliding. JUST WATCH. Be alert. Stay alert.

Sliding in the beginning stages is totally normal. It happens to everyone.

And yet … thoughts can be mastered.

You are not helpless and weak.

You are powerful, a miracle worker, with the power choose to love in every situation.

We all slide back into old ways of thinking, to old ways of being because we had been living that way for so long (in fear, worry, sadness, anger) so the real work is to BE VIGILANT and DEDICATED and COMMITTED to living – LIVING!!! – in the new state of being – of joy, gratitude, appreciation, love long enough for the world to change.

The first thing that changes IS THE WAY YOU FEEL.

And that, my friends, is a miracle! When you feel hopeful, inspired, excited, enthusiastic, when you feel the Power and Love of God within you – that’s a miracle. And that’s what healing is. And yet, so often because of bad habit, we are still using the body’s eyes to tell us our experience.

NOW – let THE WAY YOU FEEL be the determiner of your experience.

Catch yourself when you slide into the old state of mind which no longer serves you and which you no longer want.

You can always change how you feel. It’s just a matter of motivation.

Let’s experiment! Let’s play a game.

How long can you stay in joy, remembering that you are the Light of the world, one with all, acknowledging that you have a Guide and therefore you have everything.

Here’s The Big Challenge – Can you stay in love, in gratitude, in joy …. for 40 days??? Can you treat it like a game you’re playing, like an experiment? 

If not, can you at least have the discipline to catch when you slide into old patterns and then bring yourself back to gratitude? Anyone can do that.

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See you there.





8 Responses to “How long can you consistently stay in love, in joy, in gratitude?”

  1. Patrick brady says:

    I love you

  2. Jules says:

    Thank You Beloved Lisa.
    You cast out a Net of Love and invited the joyful souls to come home. I am your catch of the day. If you take a bite I will taste like pure gratitude.
    It has been a week of purification for me. Being purified of the small self concepts. I woke up today feeling buckled under the weight of the guilt in my mind. I felt so hopeless and it all felt too hard today. So I prayed. I invited the Light to come and enter my mind once again. I heard a ping on my phone and there was your invitation. I looked up the word INVITATION :
    A situation or action that tempts someone to do something or makes some particular outcome likely.
    You did seem to appear as a Mermaid of love and joy today that was sent into my stormy dark emotions that I was drowning in.
    I just signed up once again for the 40 day challenge of love and support.
    I am all in.
    Bless you 🙏

  3. Joanna says:

    Thank you, Lisa

  4. nina says:

    I love this kind of challenge!!

  5. Tricia says:

    I love this challenge

  6. Jean says:

    Thank you Lisa for that awesome 40 day program. It helped me to experience what ACIM is about,and that changed my life. At this time I am struggling with time, time to do anything else outside of work and some sleep. I look forward to joining one of the other studies after August. My daughter will be married and I hope to have time and resources needed to take the next step. I love to listen to the podcasts and to Bill’s blogs.Thank you.

  7. Katya Baslee says:

    I was just thinking I need to do this again. I am so stuck in the 365 Course, have amped it up, but I have fallen away for a week or 3 weeks more than once. I did the 40 Day in January of 2016, then went straight to the 365 day, and I’m only ob the Review V Part 1 Thank you Lisa!
    Katya (Kathryn L but let’s delete that parenthetical if we can.)

  8. Linda says:

    Love you Lisa, your vigilance and commitment.
    I am watching myself like a hawk, owning it all with gratitude and reclaiming innocence.