The Happiness Delusion


Dec 11, 2017


A big stumbling block for people is the happiness delusion – the idea that you can “do” something to “get” or “feel” happiness.

99.999999 percent of the cases, people believe (falsely) that an external event will happen and THEN they will be happy. You will lose weight, get well, come into some money, get a better job where people respect you and your work, your partner will change, the world will change, people will change, or some happy unexpected thing will occur and then life will be magically wonderful.

If you believe this way, you’re chasing after something you will never reach because happiness is not out there and you can’t “get” it. You ARE it. 

The only thing needed is a shift in perception and BOOM, you’re home. Mission accomplished. 

There is a another second delusion built into this: the idea that the happiness or peace that you may OR MAY NOT achieve is going to be temporary and fleeting. And then you will be back to feeling worse.

Most people have given up even trying because … well … what’s the use?

So most people have an elusive goal of happiness. If you are not experience happiness right in this very moment, a feeling of joy, gratitude, enthusiasm and generosity – a love for life – then your idea of happiness is in the future. Correct?

It’s an ongoing attempt to feel different or better than the way you are feeling right now. And guess what? 

You’re just waiting. And that really sucks. 

That’s delusion #3. that happiness is in the future.

I have found in my travels and encounters, that most people have given up completely with striving and effort and have fallen into a routine of accepting their not so great conditions. 

Henry David Thoreau beautifully stated it like this: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” 

Is this you? 

Are you leading a life of quiet desperation? 

I know it was me for years. 

I couldn’t get out of my pain and suffering, and then I just gave up. I had a “screw it” attitude. A “why bother?” and “Oh well” mindset. Why bother doing anything? It’s all going to only be fleeing anyways. Oh well. Might as well just watch movies, eat everything I want, get fat and see what happens. This was my attitude for years. 

What happened is that I got fat and nothing changed and I felt miserable. 

I also discovered something else: 

Happiness is no delusion. 

I’m grateful for the detailed specific instruction from Jesus in A Course in Miracles for showing me where to look for the solution: within. 

The TRUTH and ILLUSION stand side-by-side next to each other – as two completely whole thought systems. And you are either in ONE or THE OTHER at all times. So the solution is to choose where you want to live. In a state of mind of love/gratitude/appreciation OR a state of mind of fear/doubt/anger/boredom. YOU CHOOSE. It doesn’t take time. It takes a decision. 

I’m thrilled that the more time one focuses on the light (within and all around), the faster the darkness disappears. Whole chunks of your fear-based thought system fall away the same way an iceberg falls off into the ocean and floats away when the sun is shining on it. 

In the beginning, it seems nearly impossible to feel happy because the thought system that believes in separation is so tightly shut against the light. But when you open up your mind to seeing things in a new way, a little light gets in there. And it starts clearing away the darkness. So the space is clearer now. you feel lighter. You’re not resisting and fighting so much. 

There is an actual PLAN OF TEACHERS in place that is calling for individuals to dedicate their life to love, to God, to peace, to remembering the truth. 

If you have read this blog and reached this far to the end of this post, that would be you. I love you. 


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Happiness is no delusion. 

I would love to hear from you. Post in the Comment Area below if you are ALL IN and have answered the call to join in the Great Awakening. Thank you with my whole heart. 

13 Responses to “The Happiness Delusion”

  1. Lisa Natoli says:

    See you soon Sharon! Thank you for your devotion. I am going to start going to NYC more often also – was there last weekend and loved it – so perhaps I will see you there!

  2. Lisa Natoli says:

    We ARE there, which is here. HAHA! I love what my friend Max (who does a lot of my Unity radio shows with me) says: Where is your problem now, Natoli? haha. Once you realize this moment is everything, you can only laugh. And if you are not laughing yet – you can devote yourself to training your mind to think with God though the lessons of A Course in Miracles.

  3. Lisa Natoli says:

    It is A MIRACLE (even though it’s the most natural thing in the world!) to connect with this inner light, this inner voice – to realize that everything we ever wanted, we have, and even closer than that – WE ARE. We are the very thing we seek.

  4. Lisa Natoli says:

    BOOM. You’re it! You are the Love of God, the Light of God, the peace of God, the Power of God, the Presence, the Happiness of God, the Joy of God. It’s here. It’s now. Thank you for these beautiful messages.

  5. Monica-Maria says:

    Thank you so much for this article, Lisa. I, too, have suffered from this happiness delusion, especially the fear that once I “acquire” happiness it will fleet away. But now that I have encountered ACIM I know that I can connect with that place within me which is pure, whole and innocent, happiness and peace itself and never look for it outside (but there’s not really an outside, is there). I know I can see it “outside” also as a reflection of what is within and rejoice in it, realising that that beauty is all me!. Namaste <3

  6. Kim says:

    Hi Lisa, Thanks for this blog, it is always exactly the right timing. The saying, “are we there yet” is what comes to mind, and here it is a simple matter of choice. From fear to love. How long do I want to wait before I accept the gifts that are already mine. Now!!

  7. Maryanne says:

    Love the blog and iceberg analogy. Also love the blue book, even though I don’t understand it all. But ordered the purple one with the credit I had at Amazon and it turned out to be almost the exact amount. Many thanks

  8. Elizabeth Myers says:

    Hi, namaste Lisa! Joining you in love with Love for the Eternal Truth and the Light! I love the Light and you! Blessings with AngelHugs! Elizabeth

  9. Joe fishman says:

    Wanted to share the title of a great potential book. “If you can see it ,taste it, smell it hear it or touch it it will not give you joy,happiness or peace that passéth understanding”. The problem is that most people do not want to hear what the course is teaching. Maybe the best we can share is what we know does not work.

  10. Sharon Tierney says:

    Forgot to mention that I am reading “Gorgeous for God”. Loving it!!!😍

  11. Sharon Tierney says:

    Hi, Lisa! I just ordered the new edition! My friend and prayer partner from Canada will be signing up for your ACIM class. We plan to start January 2. We met thru Jennifer Hadley’s Masterful Living 1 Program. It’s been a wonderful journey with her this year!!! We are so grateful for her and to meet so many like minded folks. We have both attempted ACIM on our own, not very successfully 😉Holy Spirit has connected us and lead us to work with you at this stage of our journey. I took your 40 Day Program over the summer and fell in love with you and what you and the team at Teachers of God has to offer. We look so forward to our continued journey of our awakening in 2018!! And I love just under 2 hours away in Tolland Ct, so I will be attending a Friday morning class soon!!! 🤗🤗 Blessings to you and Bill and your while team for an unprecedented light and love filled Christmas!!😘

  12. Frank Salyers says:

    You are a True Creation.. this is the Heart of your Message… Boom your it! I love it. The Holy Instant. This is what attracted me to your teaching and the Course. Keep up the good work, I thank You and love You.

  13. Terah says:

    I’m all in!

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