The Transformation Room is open!


Jul 29, 2018


The Transformation Room – a new global online community for Transformation – is now open! 

Click here to enroll

Here is a short video from Linda Leland describing the Transformation Room: 

I got in yesterday. It’s so great. It’s a new membership site created by Linda Leland and Amy Starr Allen as part of the Teachers of God Foundation. I absolutely love it. My very favorite part is the monthly themes – that there is one topic for every month that everyone will be working on and practicing. The month of August is Trust and Surrender. 

Each month a new theme will be introduced. 

There is a private Facebook Group (for those people who are on Facebook) and you receive new content every week – either a teaching, a meditation, an interview – a video or an audio. Something to help keep you motivated, inspired, uplifted an on track so you see results in your own transformation. 

It’s $12 a month for new members – and the doors are open now and close on Tuesday, July 31st – and will not re-open again until November or December (when the price goes up to $23/per month if you join then). 

So, have a look and come on in! 

As Linda describes in the video (above), the Transformation Room is only open for registration during limited times during the year is so that the members are all working on the same theme, without new people coming in mid-way through. This way everyone starts on August 1st, with the theme of Trust and Surrender. 

If this sounds like something you are interested, check it out. 

The private Facebook Page is a party – I love seeing how everyone is excited and ready to go! 

If you know of anyone who is struggling, who you know has been asking for a new way of life, who is ready to Surrender and Trust – can you please tell them about the Transformation Room, send them an email, direct them to this page. This offer is only available until Tuesday, July 31st – so please let your friends and family know before then. 

See you there! 

Love, Lisa 

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