The world looks totally different from a state of mind of joy!


Jun 12, 2017

Yesterday I found a quarter on the ground as I got out of the car and went beserk in excitement. HAHA!! You would have thought it was a hundred dollar bill. And after that I noticed that every little thing made me feel tremendously happy. I had entered into joy and the world was different. The way our waitress came to the table and said hello. haha! HOW AWESOME! She said hello. What a gift! For most people this would be a non-event but there I was thinking, Oh my God, how lovely. How awesome. I love this lady. When you open yourself up to feeling gratitude and joy, you see God’s gifts EVERYWHERE, in every little thing. I obviously didn’t need the quarter to enter into joy, it was always there as a state of mind for me. Mostly we are so preoccupied with our past and future thoughts that we miss what is right in front of us. But you begin to see that you can easily shift out of sleep-walking through life, you can stop being unconscious, you can quit going through habits and routines in boredom, to being awake to the light and Love of God that is ever-present. Have a day of miracles.

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