Trust will settle every problem … NOW


Sep 16, 2017


You have no problems though you may think have lots of them.

If you think you have problems, it’s for one reason only: You think you’re alone. You have identified yourself as the body and believe there is a world of seeming separate bodies.

One Problem: You think you’re alone. 

One Solution: You’re not alone.

If you are ready to know your Self and watch all your problems disappear one by one, listen in to this week’s Unity Radio show Living in Joy on the topic of trust.

CLICK HERE & LISTEN: Trust will settle every problem … NOW

I talk about how “trust in God” doesn’t always work and why.

If you enjoy this show on Trust, have a listen to the past 3 episodes on my weekly radio show Living in Joy – which follow a sequence. I have been reading A Course in Miracles again and these latest episodes reflect the new space I find myself in.


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