Jesus told me where to find my cat, but needed my body to save her


Sep 01, 2017


This week I had a great demonstration of hearing God’s Voice and how what it says in A Course in Miracles: that Christ (the Voice for God) will tell us everything we need to know, tell us exactly what to do, where to go, what to say …. but WE ARE NEEDED to go there, say whatever we are meant to say, do whatever the Voice is telling us to do.

“I need you as much as you need me.” -Jesus, in A Course in Miracles.

Jesus says: I need your hands, your feet, your ears, your eyes and your voice.

So this work is truly a collaborative venture. I love how A Course in Miracles says “the purpose of this course is integration” – where the mind of Christ is integrated with my mind and they are not separate anymore.

For a while you might still think Jesus (Christ, Holy Spirit, God) is separate from you and you say things like: “Jesus told me” or “Jesus is with me”

Or “God’s Voice spoke to me.”

Or “Holy Spirit guided me.”

And this is all a beginning step where there is a “you” and a “You” (the Self that God created). So at first there is still a split: something separate from you.

But as you practice more and more, and you get more comfortable listening to this Voice, there comes a time when this “voice” and you are not separate. It’s literally begins operating in you, as you, in your body.

So you no longer say “Jesus said” but instead you are speaking from your “I am” and this “I am” is you, as Christ.

But in the training phase, which I am in now (and which I describe fully in today’s Unity Radio Show called “Working with Jesus”) you acknowledge that are a learner and a follower and a student and that there is a Teacher, Guide, Advisor, Counselor, Friend with you.

The other day our cat Vanna went missing. We moved up to our camp in Maine for the month of September and our cats Joy and Vanna have never been there, so when I first arrived with the cats, they were scared.

But they started to become more comfortable, and I thought: okay, this is good. They like it here.

Then after a few hours, I noticed Vanna had not been around for a while. I looked for her, in every possible physical space and she was NOWHERE. Bill arrived, he looked in every possible physical space and she was NOWHERE. I figured she must have somehow slipped out a door, even though this seemed highly unlikely as she’s not really the kind of cat to bolt.

I tell the whole story of what occurred in today’s Unity Radio Show “Working with Jesus”

She was gone missing for 3 nights. The whole time I kept thinking “She’s in here.” It wasn’t like a voice that was speaking to me. It was more like a thought, that was the sound of my own voice. I had Bill make a poster with Vanna’s photo on it and I kept thinking “you don’t need these” but I went ahead and printed them anyways. I tried to print 10 posters but only one printed. When I got it off the printer, I had the thought again: “You don’t need this.”

But I went ahead and photocopied a second one! I was not trusting in this voice. I was hearing it, but not trusting it.

We never put them up, but I was outside every day calling her name, putting out food, looking for her and hearing “she’s not here. She’s inside.”

So I kept looking inside and there was no possible place she could possibly be. We looked everywhere.

I felt guilty that I could have been so careless to let her get outside. I didn’t know how it happened because I felt like I was super careful, but still. It’s the only thing that made any sense to me. She must have gotten out and she must be outside. 

I open A Course in Miracles and my eye lands on this sentence:

“I need the children of light now. You who are so close to God must not give way to guilt.”
-Jesus, Chapter 1, A Course in Miracles 

So, I got it. I’m not guilty. The cat is not here and I am not guilty. Jesus needs the children of light now. Okay, Okay. I get it. I’m not guilty: but where is she??? 

And in the shower, after 3 nights of her missing I kept thinking: “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.” Then I was told specifically where she was. And when I went to look there, there was no possible way she could have been in the place my mind was telling me where she was. There was about a half inch of space, and no way possible she could have gotten in there.

And suddenly, my mind is thinking about all those movies where someone is stuck in a cave, down a hole, on a deserted island just waiting for someone to show up. And finally someone DOES show up and the person who is stuck who needs to be saved knows they are about to be saved – but the person saving them doesn’t know anyone is there, and then the person gives up too quickly and leaves. And the person in the cave, the whole, the deserted island is  like: NOOoooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Try harder!!! I’m here!!!!! Come back!!!!!!!!!!

So that image is going through my mind.

And I knew, that I might have to break the drawer in order to get in there, and I knew that I was GOING TO BREAK if I had to. I knew that I wasn’t going to stop until I had the drawer out. It seemed to be built into the wall. I couldn’t get it out, but I knew I was going to get it out .

I finally pulled the top drawer out, and there was Vanna. Just sitting there in this big empty space behind the cupboard, looking at me with this big eyes. She wasn’t scared. She didn’t look surprised. And she hopped right out, walked to the cat food and started eating. haha.

I took the above photo of Vanna after she jumped out. This does not look like a cat who had been stuck for 3 nights with no food and no water. 

During these 3 days, all I kept thinking was: “Your part is to be happy.”

This comes straight out of A Course in Miracles from Jesus, and I knew that there was no accidents, my day was not at random, and that I had asked for this to happen exactly like this.

I had been feeling for the past several weeks that it was time for me to make no decisions by myself anymore. I wasn’t going to be working with Jesus, trained and taught by Jesus and that I was not to do anything without ASKING.

And that’s what the 3 days were for me: a time to see that  I am not lingering in illusions anymore. I knew I might never seen Vanna again and that was totally fine with me. I knew that I could have no attachment to an outcome. My part is to be happy, to know my Self.

I am here ONLY for the salvation of the world. I have no other purpose and no other function.

If you like this story, you will enjoy my radio show this week “Working with Jesus.” I talk about how I have been thinking of going back to school to get my Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy and what Jesus had to say about that.


I find that a lot of Course in Miracles students say “This is an illusion. I need do nothing” and to me this was such a great example that the Voice is speaking to us all through the day, and how simple it is to simply do what it is instructing? 

How hard was it for me to pull a clothes drawer out? It was the simplest thing in the world. And I had heard to do this on the very first afternoon, before even one night has passed. 

So it’s got me thinking: I wonder how many other things I have “heard” and not followed through on????? 

Jesus says right there in Chapter 1 of A Course in Miracles, right out of the gate: Remember to ask me. Remember to ask my help. I will help you, but you need to ask me. Do nothing without asking me. Ask me. Ask me. Ask me. 

So, I think he might be trying to say to me to ask him. 

I’m listening.

13 Responses to “Jesus told me where to find my cat, but needed my body to save her”

  1. Lisbeth says:

    Thank you Lisa. I see many things different now. Regarding to things which happened to my animals when I was a child and which blocked me for many years. I have suffered untill now due to things which happened to and with my animals I am able to releese my thoughts from the past and ask for the truth instead. I can use this with my old thoughts about my children too. And other stuff. ❤️

  2. Maryanne says:

    Love the story. I too have had a couple of cats disappear and I have panicked. Glad all when so well and appreciate your sharing.

  3. Marlaya says:

    Thank you Lisa! So beautiful and wonderful. All good!

  4. Heidi says:

    I love that the Holy Spirit/Jesus can teach using a cat!!! Lisa, thank you for shining your bright light in the world! <3

  5. Christine says:

    I LOVE your story about finding your KITTY!! LOVE IT!! And how God was speaking to you all through the day all the time! LOVELY!!
    I had many instances when I heard God’s voice speak to me EVEN LOUDLY, VERY LOUDLY but still did not listen. This is my problem!! I do not listen nor follow through in action with my body and mind to Manifest what is told to me from TRUTH! How do I remedy this ????
    I have many questions about work and direction in my life in terms of doing things that are of “ME” and whether or not they are things I should do. I am of the impression that ANYTHING I may have interest in is pointless because as ACIM says ” NOTHING HERE MEANS ANYTHING !” Hmmmmmm!!!!ALL is FUTILE! Makes me sad and depressed and so I think what the FUCK….may as well roll over and wait for death if nothing here eans anything! MIND you the ULTIMATE TRUTH is TRUT itself yet I do NOT FEEL TRUTH in my bones! I have an understanding of TRUTH and It’s importance but to renounce everything of this world seems INSANE!
    PHOOEY!! Just don’t know!! YET everything I try I sabotage in the end! Things that made my heart RACE I give up NOW!! It all feels FUTILE!
    The TRUTH OK!! That is SUPREME! And as I said before I can’t FEEL IT in my ONES! Yet in the mean time everything I was ever interested in and found joy from has gone SOUR and LOST it’s FIBRANCE, even things I LOVED like MUSIC, DANCE, NATURE, and FITNESS, and DESIGN/CREATIVITY!!
    And WHAT about special relationships????? Are we to be alone and not enjoy special relationships and sex!??????????
    SORRY I went from saying I LOVE your KITTY STORY to expressing my BIG QUESTIONS in LIFE about WORK, PASSIONS, and SPECIAL RELATIONSHIPS!
    Thank you for your LOVELY STORY!!!! GIVE a kiss fro me to your KITTY! LOVE CATS!

  6. Jean says:

    Thank you for sharing that story. All we have to do is listen.

  7. Duffy says:

    Wonderful story. I need to be closer to Jesus.
    Thank you.

  8. Silvia says:

    Great history. Thank You, Lisa!

  9. Ariel says:

    This is a wonderful story! Mind control would allow you to know what voice to listen to. I certainly have a problem with that…trying to make a correction.

  10. norbel marolla says:

    great story, Lisa. What a sweet cat she is. I didn’t see the “not being attached to the outcome” coming in this story. That’s a big one. It’s amazing to me to know that you would’ve been okay had you never seen her again. I wonder how that transfers to the people we love. . . . I can’t imagine saying and really believing that “I am happy” when an “individual” in my life is leaving the world. Tough stuff. Thank you for all you do.

  11. Joanna Quinn says:

    I love this! I always look forward to your blogs, radio shows, etc… Thank you.

  12. Walter says:

    Beautiful story Lisa thanks. I am blessed it came up and could read it . Needed this example
    Love to you all

  13. Wow,,, thank you Lisa, as I am sitting quietly today, asking for God’s direction with something that has been lost this past week. 😘

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