You can’t out-give God


Jul 05, 2017

Back in 2012, I had very little money. I was working as a self-employed Zumba instructor and each class (2-3 times per week) I would put out a donation box and then give that class my ALL. At first when I began I was charging for the classes, but no one came, so I changed it to donation-based.

Then the classes started to fill up and everyone loved them.

I especially loved teaching those classes. I was hoping that the classes would be successful financially and that I would be able to live off the money that came in from teaching Zumba. It didn’t happen that way. After every class, after everyone left, I would open the donation box and find anywhere from $5 to $40. Usually it was around $20 per class in the box. One time there was $80 in there and I thought I might faint from excitement. I would get occasional donations from people who read my blog, but that was few and far between.

So $40-$60 a week is not a lot to live off in this world. I considered going back into waitressing because I just couldn’t see myself going back into 9-5 in an office ever again. I had “been there and done that” and wasn’t going to do it again. I wanted flexibility and freedom. Obviously we all want to do work we love, that feels inspiring and uplifting – that feels more like playtime than work – but it wasn’t happening.

Deep down, intuitively, I knew that my lack of money was coming from some hidden block in my thinking. I knew it with all my heart. I knew there was something gong on in my subconscious that I could not see, some hidden grievance or judgment or fear. I had been practicing A Course in Miracles since 1992 and had seen miracles in every area of my life. except for the area of money, prosperity and abundance.

So in the spring of 2012, I made a radical decision that I was going to live in a new way. I was determined to dissolve every block in thinking and move into a life of abundance. And that was that.

I had heard of a prosperity class offered at our Unity church, and tithing as a requirement for 5 weeks. I had never heard of the word. I am not a religious person and the church we went to as a family (Methodist) just passed a basket each week – and besides that – we only really went to church on major holidays – Easter and Christmas. So I didn’t have any reference for tithing.

I knew I couldn’t keep doing the same things I had been doing if I expected things to change. I knew I had to do things differently.

So tithing, as it was explained to me, is to acknowledge God as your Source and Supply and to give 10% of all the money that comes to you to wherever you are being spiritually fed, inspired, uplifted, or reminded of the truth, and it’s given FIRST, before you do anything else, before you pay bills, before you spend it on food or gas. It’s a way to acknowledge that God is all in all.

I loved the idea and I said I AM ALL IN!

In my case, we were required to give the tithe back to our Unity church, and that was fine with me. But as a general practice, it is given to wherever or whoever is inspiring you, helping you to remember the truth (and at the time, it WAS Unity)

Later I heard that people have massive resistance to tithing. They think it’s a scam, a way for the church to bring in money. People do it out obligation and guilt and fear, and then feel pissed off about it.

This wasn’t me at all. I felt excited, optimistic, full of joy and possibility. I felt like a little kid playing a game.

I was like HELL YEAH! I’M ALL IN!

It was only for 5 weeks. What did I have to lose?

It didn’t occur to me that already my bills exceeded the money that was coming in. Most people I talk with about tithing say “I can’t afford to tithe. I already don’t have enough to pay my bills” and to me that kind of thinking is precisely THE REASON TO START TITHING!

I got a box (or you can use a jar) and I tracked every single dime that came in. When I found money on the ground, I acknowledged God! I praised God. I thanked God. I did a little inside dance of excitement. My whole attitude changed overnight.

I kept a little notebook with me and would do the math, and write down on a slip of paper what 10 percent was and then I would put it it in the box (so if $10 came in, I would write $1 on a sheet of paper – which is 10% of $10 – and put the piece of paper in the box) and at the end of the week I would take all the little slips of paper out, calculate them up and write a check to Unity and give it on Sunday. That was how I tithed when I began. I wanted to track every penny and dime and dollar.

Before tithing, before acknowledging God as my Source and Supply, every bit of money that came in was “not enough”. So for example, before tithing, when I would open the donation box in my Zumba class and see $15 in there in fives and ones, I would sigh. I would feel frustration and anger. I would think “$15??? There was 6 or 8 or 10 people here. How is there only $15 in here??” I wouldn’t acknowledge God. I wouldn’t feel grateful. I would feel mad.

With tithing, that all changed. I would get super excited and grateful! $15!! Money from God! Thank you, thank you, thank you. How I showed up in the world changed. How I showed up in my own life changed. Then I would write $1.50 on a sheet of paper, put that in the box and feel happy.

All those inner blocks dissolved in that kind of joy, enthusiasm and excitement.

What I noticed is that money had always been coming to me! But in my old way of thinking, it was never enough. My grievances were blocking the light in me. I couldn’t see that money came to me almost every day in small ways, but still!!

So my thoughts changed. I thought “money comes to me every day, unexpectedly” – and sure enough, I started to notice that money was coming to me every day, unexpectedly.

My other decision with this tithing/prosperity class was that I was going to pay off my debt (10 years worth of credit card debt that I had been ignoring) and that I was going to pay all my bills on time. Before this class, I never had enough money (because that’s what I thought all day long “I have no money” so no big surprise that my external world was matching/mirroring my internal thoughts) and so before taking this class, I never paid my bills on time because I simply didn’t have the money. I was always late paying bills.

With this class I said, I’m done with that way of living. I’m a super generous and responsible person. I am grateful. I have no debt. I pay my bills on time.

I paid of that 10 years worth of credit card debt in 9 months and I have been paying my bills on time every since then.

I don’t know how it works. I just know that it does.

My own guess based on my experience is that you have to BE IN A STATE OF MIND WHERE YOU KNOW (know!!) that God is your Source and your Supply. You have to know it. And I knew it. I felt it with every cell in my body. I knew that God was with me. I felt Jesus with me, having the best time ever that finally at last I was working with him, working with this Power, Presence, Light, Energy, Intelligence. I had finally, after so many years, finally connected to this Flow. I became One with it.

I was God in action, in the flow. My cup was overflowing.

In the very beginning, when the money was just mostly coins and dollar bills, and I still felt that I didn’t have a lot to give with money, I stuck with the 10% on the money part but I knew I had everything to give in peace, joy, my Presence, in attention, in the way I listened to someone when they were talking. I overflowed and extended these gifts.

This to me is currency in the bank and I changed my mind from “I have nothing to give” to “I have everything to give” and I got busy! I was about my Father’s business, feeding the multitudes!

And ideas began flowing in. This is God Currency. Ideas had always flowed in to me, but I blocked them with fear and judgments. Now I saw that these ideas were money in the bank and I began acted on them. I took bold steps that scared me. I started putting myself out there more, making myself more visible. I made a bunch of mistakes. I didn’t care! I felt alive. I felt free.

The missing piece for me over the years in lack-thinking was ACTION and FOLLOW-THOUGH. I had heard these ideas in my mind all along. I just wasn’t listening! I wasn’t following through with action. 

Now I was! And I saw my whole world transform. 

And from there, there was no going back!

I no longer track the money in a box. Once you see that you have everything, and you see that as you give you receive, the 10% flies out the window. I no longer call it tithing anymore either. I call it giving – but it’s the same principle – I give where I am inspired and lifted up and reminded of the truth. My giving is now 20 percent, 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent and 100 percent.

I used to give a couple of dollars here and there. Now it’s in the hundreds and thousands.

What I have learned: You can’t out-give God.

10 percent is the training wheels on a bike. After a while, once you know how to ride the bike, the training wheels (10%) come off and you’re riding that bike!

If this all sounds like something you would like to practice in your own life, then sign up for our new Prosperity Course offered by the Teachers of God Foundation.

IMPORTANT: This is a tithing program. Please only sign-up for this course if you are ready to tithe enthusiastically, in gratitude, for 7 weeks and live in a radically new way. If you have fear around tithing or if you do not plan to tithe or if you are thinking you will “give to get” (giving out of obligation or guilt), then this program is NOT for you. This is NOT law of attraction. It is the Law of Extension, where you put all your faith in the Love of God within you. It’s for people who are ready to challenge their current beliefs, for the fearless dare-devils of the world who want to give for the pure joy of giving. 

If you are ready to move out of lack and limitation into abundance and prosperity, this is it!  

Register here:

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  1. Dana Kellogg says:

    Thank you

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    I am ready!

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    Moving day ❤

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  5. Peggy Betts says:

    Thank you Lisa-I am all in!

  6. Hi Lisa, I already tithe 10% to my community SpeakEasy. But when I sat with this decision, I saw that I had no problem tithing to you as well. I am kicking off a month of prosperity at my center in the Fall and so I sure I will get dip into great inspirations and reminders from your program. I am happy to say that I am blessed by the principals of tithing have worked very well in my life. Though it is not always an easy thing to teach others. Even as I lead by example, I make good money, my lifestyle is fat and flush and most importantly I am happy and I have peace. BUT The funny thing is I am currently carrying about $15,000. in debt. I work it down, but it goes back up. I invest a great deal in my ministry so I figured that was a necessary evil. But after reading your email, I feel motivated towards complete healing. I am happy to be on course with you. Thank you for this clarity and call for love for myself! I feel great enthusiasm for the next 7 weeks. (read on)
    I had something else that I wanted to talk with you about. So I guess here is as good a place as any. I am currently in the midst of writing three books. They are just pouring out of me and I have a publishing deal for one of them already. But my writing coach suggested that I create a mastermind group for highly successful and motivated people like myself. I told her that I thought it was a good idea. I serve many people and work with many groups, but I don’t take much time to get that same support, accountability, and fellowship for my own business. She suggested that I look around my life for people who seem to be doing well and generally have their shit together and are making 6 figures or close to that. I have been looking but was not guided to REALLY connect with anyone yet. Till I started to write this note to you. So basically I wanted to know if you would be up for and interested in being in an intimate mastermind group of a few people who are really ready for the miracles that can happen when we make ourselves available for love. I imagine weekly check-ins with prayer, goal setting and shared insight and intuitions. Let me know if this rings a bell in your heart. Either way, God is good.
    Maureen Muldoon

  7. Rahjah says:

    I AM ALL IN 🙂

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    I would like to register for this class. Thank you

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    way to go. I know it makes sense

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  11. Lisa, thank you so much for your generosity and support. You and your group are a real inspiration!

    Love and light!

  12. Lisa B says:

    I am all in! With much gratitude Lisa, Thank you!

  13. Dixie Stevens says:

    I’m starting today to start to see things differently and open up to giving! Thank you Lisa!!

  14. Silvia Veloso says:

    Hi Lisa. I would like to register for free but I received this message from website: e-mail already in use. Could you take a look? Thanks in advance. Silvia

    • Lisa Natoli says:

      Hi Silvia – if you got this message, it means you are already enrolled in one of our online courses for the Teachers of God Foundation. so just log in with that email and password. If you have forgotten your password, there is a link on that page to request it to be sent to you.

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    Thank you very much for your kindness, Lisa! You are awesome!
    Where do we enroll?

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    Thank you Lisa! Now it makes sense to me. Even it is a small amount now…I will make it!

  18. Liliana Remis says:

    Thank you Lisa!
    You really inspire me!

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    ALL IN

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  21. ellen says:

    hi, some days ago I signed up. And now i remembered i read something about a commitment letter. I looked for an email, I can’t find a response email (you signed up and write as a start a commitment ,,,)

    greetings, ellen

  22. Kim says:

    thank you, can’t wait