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  • Just how far are you willing to go?


    Here is my observation: Many people who say they want success (or healing), don’t REALLY want it. They kinda want it. It’s a luke-warm want. They have a “it-would-be-nice-if-it-happened-but-I-think-I’ll-just-keep-doing-what-I-always do” kind of attitude.  How bad do you want it? How willing are you to do things differently?  How focused are you?  Would you be willing […]

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  • You who will yet work miracles, read this…


    I love A Course in Miracles because it is a simple & systematic way to train your mind to see everything differently. It quite literally IS a course in miracles, a course to train you to be a miracle worker. You’re being trained for the job of miracle worker, working under the guidance and direction […]

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  • My story of how and why I acknowledge Jesus Christ in all that I do.


    I didn’t come to know anything about Jesus until I was around 32 years old, and then I fell deeply in love with him – as an man who walked this earth over 2000 years ago, as the Christ of my own mind, as an example, demonstration, guide and friend on to how TO LOVE […]

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  • Blow your own damn mind. See improvements in your health, finances and relationships. Simply do this …


    Back in spring 2012, I blew my own damn mind by making a decision to break all my old habits (procrastination, holding grievances, being overwhelmed and worrying) and instead I decided I would live deliberately and consciously in a new way – in joy, love and appreciation, acknowledging God in everyone and everything.  I can […]

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  • Unity Radio with Max & Lisa: All Suffering Only Comes from Your Thoughts


    Can you be present with what is happening in your life without bringing your story into it? Can you appreciate that everything that seems to be happening to you is actually happening for you? Join Max and Lisa as they continue with the theme on healing and happiness:   Max says, “The problem is not […]

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  • Moving Forward: A Formula for Freedom


    A Course in Miracles says “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.” And yet … it doesn’t always seem that way, does it? Often we experience problems, sickness, fear, no money, confusion and doubt and it seems like there’s a HUGE order of difficulty! You probably have noticed that if you have ever been sick […]

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  • Come join me for A Course in Miracles, Friday morning August 19th at 10:30am EST


    COME JOIN ME FOR A COURSE IN MIRACLES at Unity on the River in Amesbury MA at 10:30am on Friday morning, August 19, 2016 Live or Live-Stream: My topic (inspired by my friend Max): You don’t have to wait to get dementia to be happy. Training your mind to let go of grievances and forget […]

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    For those of you who know me, you know I love to read. I read every morning first thing when I wake up and I read every night (often in the bathtub, and then I proceed to the bed where I continue reading some more) before I go to sleep. I was reading this book […]

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  • A prayer and video for you: Be centered in love


    Someone reached out to me last year for a prayer and I wrote and sent her the following message (below) about BEING CENTERED and today she sent it back to me with a thank you note, telling me that she printed it and carries it in her wallet and reads it every day. I love […]

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  • The Widow’s Oil: What is in your house? Start pouring.


    I’m on the road traveling with my gorgeous husband Bill right now – we drove our RV bus this week from Orlando Florida to San Antonio Texas, where we are right now celebrating the Fourth of July weekend with family and friends. One of the greatest surprises to me is that whenever I teach A […]

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  • Welcome Letter from Lisa

    For me, enlightenment was a moment when I stopped seeking ways to improve myself. It was a moment of recognition of “I am Spirit”. It was a moment of clarity when I become aware that the light was in me.

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  • Are you ready to transform the way you see yourself and the world?

    My first book Gorgeous for God is the story of my transformation and gives simple practical steps you can take to live life in joy, gratitude & purpose

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  • 40-Day Online Program with Lisa Natoli

    Recognize your wholeness & experience healing. It’s Free!

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