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  • The Widow’s Oil: What is in your house? Start pouring.


    I’m on the road traveling with my gorgeous husband Bill right now – we drove our RV bus this week from Orlando Florida to San Antonio Texas, where we are right now celebrating the Fourth of July weekend with family and friends. One of the greatest surprises to me is that whenever I teach A […]

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  • What kind of day are you going to have? (how about THE BEST DAY EVER)


    What kind of day are you going to have? YOU DECIDE. You have The Power of Choice to determine the kind of day you are going to have. Most people get to the END of the day and then look back and think about the kind of day they HAD, based on what happened and […]

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  • Money falls from the sky! Do you believe that? What are your beliefs about money?


    Do you believe that money falls from the sky? Most people don’t. I know I didn’t for most of my life. What I believed was that I had to work really hard for money to come to me. That was my belief. I learned it. I believed I had to “do’ something in order to […]

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  • How long can you consistently stay in a state of Joy, Peace & Love?


    Shifting from a fear-based way of being to a state of joy and gratitude only takes only an instant. Right in this very moment you can absolutely remember your wholeness and become aware of Love’s Presence that you ARE. So that doesn’t take any time at all. You can easily remember that you are Spirit, […]

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  • Inner Guidance: How Heavy Is Water in a Glass?


    HOW HEAVY IS WATER IN A GLASS? I heard a great story about a glass of water. Most people say: is it half empty or half full? The question in this situation is “How heavy is the glass and water?” The answer is: It gets heavier the longer you hold it. And it’s exactly like […]

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  • One Definite Instruction for a Happy Day, Every Day.


    Thank you for signing up for my mailing list for my brand new website. I super appreciate it. I want to use this space each week to write about healing, abundance and miracles, mostly using the instructions from A Course in Miracles as the inspiration. As you might already know, I love A Course in […]

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  • Whatever happens, I don’t mind.


    Welcome to my brand new website! I’m happy you are here. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a website. For those of you who know me, I began blogging/writing in December 2004 when I lived in Wisconsin. I called my website “Gorgeous for God” as a reminder to myself to live in God […]

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  • Abundance: Double or Nothing – Let It Ride!


    This video is a talk on abundance I gave at Unity on the River in Amesbury, MA. Below is the written transcript. Enjoy!   Living more Abundantly: Double or Nothing, Let it Ride by Lisa Natoli at Unity on the River in Amesbury MA Carol: A little background: Lisa Natoli loves Unity which she discovered in […]

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  • Welcome Letter from Lisa

    For me, enlightenment was a moment when I stopped seeking ways to improve myself. It was a moment of recognition of “I am Spirit”. It was a moment of clarity when I become aware that the light was in me.

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  • Are you ready to transform the way you see yourself and the world?

    My first book Gorgeous for God is the story of my transformation and gives simple practical steps you can take to live life in joy, gratitude & purpose

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