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  • VIDEO: Renouncing magic. Using your abilities only for God and for helping others.


    In this video above, I read and teach from Cameo Essay #32: “God Is” from A Course in Miracles

    These Cameos are my new favorite part of A Course in Miracles because they show us directly how Jesus was training and teaching Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford to listen, trust and follow.

    In this particular Cameo, Helen makes a decision “to renounce magic” which means that she was not going to use her abilities (being psychic and hearing Jesus’ voice) for fame, success or anything worldly – and that she was going to devote these abilities only to God to helping others.

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  • NEW VIDEO: You’re not a body. You can not be sick.


    You’re not a body. Your mind cannot attack. You cannot be sick. “You need do nothing now to make it (the body) well, for sickness has become impossible..” -A Course in Miracles Here is the Friday morning class I gave on healing and Atonement:  “Illness is external searching. Health is inner peace.” -A Course in […]

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  • Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a teacher and healer, devoted to teaching people how to heal themselves and others.

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    I loved writing this book. These are blog entries that I wrote in 2004 about my awakening through the practice of A Course in Miracles. 

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