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  • The Lisa Show: Solve All Your Problems, RIGHT NOW.


    Here is Episode 10 of the Lisa Show. ENJOY Click here to listen (or read the transcript): Another pen & paper episode! List your problems on paper and listen in! All of your problems are nothing more than effects of THE ONE PROBLEM of separation. It is 100% impossible to change an effect by dealing […]

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  • VIDEO: Renouncing magic. Using your abilities only for God and for helping others.


    Here is the recording from the ACIM Friday Morning Group, from April 13, 2018. In this video above, I read and teach from Cameo Essay #32: “God Is” from A Course in Miracles  These Cameos are my new favorite part of A Course in Miracles because they show us directly how Jesus was training and […]

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  • Best teaching I have ever heard on prayer


    Many people think of prayer as something you do to ask for something to change.  Either we are praying for a healing, or praying for someone to get better or praying for more money or for circumstances to be different.  Who are you praying to?  Did you know you are praying all the time?  Every […]

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  • New Video: My Easter Message 2018


    It’s Easter weekend. HAPPY EASTER!  Here is a new video – a talk I gave yesterday morning, Friday March 30, 2018 at the ACIM Friday Morning Group. Enjoy.  This is your Easter time, your resurrection, your re-birth from all your old beliefs and stories. Nothing can hold you back. You can rise up from the […]

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  • Raising miracle-minded children: Interview with Dr. Roxie


    One of my favorite doctors is Dr. Roxanne Daleo – Dr. Roxie! – a Harvard-trained counselor who works with children and their parents teaching miracle mindedness, with a focus on A Course in Miracles. I interviewed Dr. Roxie yesterday and  the video is below.  I almost wasn’t going to publish this interview because even though […]

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  • The best description I have ever heard about A Course in Miracles


    This teaching of James Twyman (in the video) from the ACIM San Francisco Conference (February 2018) is best description I personally have ever heard of what it’s like to live in this world and then to encounter A Course in Miracles. What’s amazing to me is that someone was in the room filming this video and […]

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  • The 75-Day Holiness Vision Challenge & Calendar


    “Your purpose is to see the world through your own holiness.” -A Course in Miracles Jesus Drawing by Nathan Lorenzana. You can order a print by clicking this link (notice when you go to this page, you can choose the size you want to order)  Get your free 75-Day Holiness Calendar.  Science has shown it takes […]

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  • Jesus speaks about Revelation and Sex.


    Below is a talk I gave yesterday about Revelation – what Jesus says about it to Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford. If you are not hearing God’s Voice, the thing to do is to start giving miracles which removes the fear. Absence of fear is a prerequisite for revelation, for hearing God’s Voice. Also in […]

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  • New Year’s Message from Jesus December 1966 & January 1, 1967


    Here is my “last-Wednesday-of-the-month” Class that I do every month. This is the December 2017 Video Class, which is a New Year’s Message. Also in here, I show you my 2018 Vision Board.  Enjoy. ALSO: CALLING THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 2018! Who is anticipating they will be in the graduating class of 2018 to complete […]

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  • How “trying to get it perfect” butchers prayers and miracles


    I received a LOT of great emails this week from people who are committing to dedicate 2018 – one year – to God. I love it. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and participation.  I thought about this and while on THE ONE HAND, I’m super excited to hear so many people making this […]

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  • Through her online transformation courses (The 40-Day Program for Transformation, Living in Purpose Mastery and ACIM 365), a best-selling book on awakening and a top-ranked podcast on healing, Lisa activates and inspires thousands of people around the world to make changes in their thinking that results in massive changes in their life. 

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    I loved writing this book. These are blog entries that I wrote in 2004 about my awakening through the practice of A Course in Miracles. 

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