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  • If you want change and happiness but nothing is happening, watch this video on boiling water.


    I did a new 8-minute video blog over at the Teachers of God Foundation which was posted today on how transformation is simple, like boiling water. I love cooking. I love Julia Child. And I love teaching the simplicity of transformation. So I combined them all together today in a new video. Transformation is simple, […]

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  • Trust will settle every problem … NOW


    You have no problems though you may think have lots of them. If you think you have problems, it’s for one reason only: You think you’re alone. You have identified yourself as the body and believe there is a world of seeming separate bodies. One Problem: You think you’re alone.  One Solution: You’re not alone. […]

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  • A trip in 2011 taught me to work with light. Here is the practice


    In 2011 on a 6-week trip to Sweden, Denmark and Spain, I stumbled upon a practice that is mind-blowing. It will definitely put a smile on your face when you try this out in your own life. You can watch it here: It’s a video from a talk I gave at Unity of Cape Cod, […]

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  • How to tell if you are projecting guilt onto others (and how to stop it!)


    A Course in Miracles is a great fast way to undo everything that hurts you HOWEVER, in order for this undoing to occur, you have to become aware of what you have been doing.  You must become aware of the thoughts you have been thinking, the beliefs you have been holding, the words you have […]

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  • A lot can happen in a year, 365 days.


    Think about one year from now. What do you imagine you will be like? It will be September 7, 2018. Think about it. How will you be? Where will you be? How will you feel? What do you imagine you will be doing?  A lot can happen between now and then. For many people, nothing […]

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  • Jesus told me where to find my cat, but needed my body to save her


    This week I had a great demonstration of hearing God’s Voice and how what it says in A Course in Miracles: that Christ (the Voice for God) will tell us everything we need to know, tell us exactly what to do, where to go, what to say …. but WE ARE NEEDED to go there, […]

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  • Be trained and taught by the greatest teacher who ever lived … Jesus Christ.


    Do you want to be trained and taught by Jesus himself? How great would that be to have him as your own personal teacher? Then order a copy of A Course in Miracles and make a commitment to do it, exactly what it says. Be trained and taught by the Master himself:  You will learn:  […]

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  • Connection with your Self, God and others.


    The most important thing that can happen in your lifetime is that you come to know your Self. It’s what all of us truly want: a connection with our Self, a connection with God and a connection with others. We want to love and feel loved. We want to know we are safe, cared for, […]

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  • Practicing forgiveness was Bill Thetford’s full time-job. What is YOUR full-time job?


    When Bill Thetford (co-scribe with Helen Schucman of A Course in Miracles) was asked after he retired “Well, Bill, what are you doing now that you are retired and living in California?” he would respond that he was practicing forgiveness as a full-time job.    Good one. I love this. What is YOUR full-time job?

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  • Have you transcended conflict and reached to peace?


    I totally love A Course in Miracles. I read these two sentence this morning in Chapter 27: “The holy instant is the miracle’s abiding place. From there, each one is born into this world as witness to a state of mind that has transcended conflict, and has reached to peace. It carries comfort from the […]

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  • Welcome Message from Lisa

    Welcome. I’m Lisa. I am happy you are here. I have created this space as the first step in building a community for people who want to dedicate their life to God, to love, to being a light in the world – for individuals who want to love, serve, bless and heal. Let’s us inspire each other. xoxo

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