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I am a teacher of A Course in Miracles and the creator of the free 40-Day Program for Transformation.

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I have seen miracles occur in the lives of thousands of people around the world. Miracles can happen to you when you discover the Power and Presence of the light within you and learn how to use it. 

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I work with Jesus. 


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I am the Spiritual Director of the Teachers of God Foundation, a non-profit organization I co-founded with my husband Bill Free, to inspire, encourage and support individuals to go through the transformation from fear to love. 

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I am the author of the best-selling book Gorgeous for God

I love Jesus. I love God. I love writing. I love people. I love encouraging and training people to change their mind and replace every thought and belief with the truth. 

I experienced healing in every area of my life by DOING what A Course in Miracles instructs.

For over 20 years, I read A Course in Miracles, studied it, attended ACIM groups, talked about it, wondered what it meant.

On July 4, 2000 in my apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I gave my life to God – even though I had no clue what this meant. I said “God, if you are there, I want to work for you now.” 

I was working for a publishing company in NYC in marketing and sales, and even though I loved my work there, I felt like there was MORE. 

So I made a commitment to God. 

But here is the thing: not really. 

I SAID I was giving my life to God, but I wasn’t really ALL IN back then. It was one little toe in the water

I never actually trusted God, at least not completely. I SAID I was doing A Course in Miracles, but I wasn’t really. I held onto some grievances, believing that I couldn’t let them all go. Are you crazy? I thought 90 percent was pretty good. It was only a couple of people in my life that I felt really couldn’t be forgiven. I compared myself with other people who had lots of people they couldn’t forgive and only I had a handful! Also there were a few areas of my life that I felt were best handled by me. I didn’t really think health or money were very spiritual and so I kept those to myself and let God handle the rest. 

The result was a feeling of being stuck, weak, full of doubt. I had no money, 10 years worth of credit card debt and no job. I was thinking of becoming a waitress. Then I decided to become certified as a Zumba instructor and gave classes in a local church on a donation basis. I made between $10-$40 a week. I kept thinking: God is going to help me. There is going to be a miracle. I kept buying lottery tickets, and wishing that my life would change. 

In spring of 2012, I made a decision to do A Course in Miracles EXACTLY as stated, no exception. 

I was going to play it like a game, like a science experiment – using my life as the testing ground. I was going to live as an abundant child of God, who has everything. I stopped buying lottery tickets. In my mind, I was a generous multi-billionaire, who loves God and loves people. I made a decision to pay off my credit card debt – and I called everyone I owed money to and gave them my current address, phone and email. I only had a couple of dollars back then but I knew that didn’t matter. ALL I NEEDED WAS THE MIND-SET AND ATTITUDE OF ABUNDANCE AND JOY. I start acknowledging Jesus in a very real way and following his instruction. I made a decision to be happy. I was going to BE the Love of God on earth, extending peace to all. I was going to see Christ in every face. It was a decision to GO ALL IN. 

It was A BIG YES! to God! 

My whole life changed, practically overnight. 

I realized that God wasn’t holding me back. I was holding me back. I was holding myself back because of fear and resistance of being visible, of fulfilling my function, of finding and living my purpose. 

I made a decision to identify with the light and strength of Christ. Period. One. Hundred. Percent. No foot in two worlds anymore. I made a decision to forgive everyone and everything. I consciously chose love in every situation.

I tell this story in a video which you can watch here: https://teachersofgod.lpages.co/prosperity-process

I had been teaching A Course in Miracles for years – formally since 2004 – I have the book since 1992 – but I had never really done it myself: at least not 100%. 

So I made that life-changing decision. Identify with Christ. Give up all grievances and attack thoughts. Forgive everyone and everything. Side with the truth. 

End of story. 

With this decision – to be as God created me – everything suddenly felt very intentional and deliberate. I was able to see the thoughts in my mind. They were just thoughts! I no longer let them hijack me nor pull me down into darkness. When I was talking to others, I was very aware of my own holiness and aware of their own holiness. The light in me was honoring and recognizing the light in others. It was as if I was awake to everything. 

I was able to identify false beliefs that I for so long just accepted as the truth, and I consciously did something to correct these thoughts and beliefs. The “how-to” is all described in specific detail in A Course in Miracles – step-by-step. I simply followed the instructions and did what it said. 

Daily I said said the healing prayer given in A Course in Miracles: “I accept the truth of what I am, and allow my mind to be wholly healed today.” 

I re-structured my life for moments of quiet and silence. 

Daily, I lived in gratitude and appreciation, thanking God for what I am. 

By my own deliberate decision, I identified with the light as my Self, as my true Identity. 

I am the light of the world. 
This is my only function. 
This is why I am here. 

I pretty much said SCREW IT to sickness. I stopped “trying to heal” the body. I made a decision that I was going to be the light of the world, no matter what, even if I kept getting sicker and sicker and then died. I decided I was going to go all the way in this lifetime – ALL IN – and BE the light that I am, accept the truth, love God, love everyone – be totally alive every day, siding with the truth. 

I felt LIFE stirring inside of me with this decision. 

I had some aha-ha moments that:

Disease = Disturbance & Distance from God 
Sickness = Stagnation & Stuckness, Isolation from God 
Healing = Wholeness & Holiness

With this new realization, I dropped a lot of my old habits.

My life changed dramatically as I made this decision to BE the light of God and listen to Jesus, to be guided from within. Mostly I stopped waiting for life to happen. I saw the preciousness in everyone and everything. A lot of things dropped away. I no longer had any interest in conflict and my life-long habit of people-pleasing dropped away. With a feeling of total joy, I started saying “fuck it” a lot. Let’s go! I suddenly didn’t have tolerance for lack of love in others or in myself. 

It was a decision to be authentic, a decision to love. 

I started being more bold. Some people didn’t like it. I didn’t care. 

I felt excitement to use my life as an experiment ground to LIVE the ideas in A Course in Miracles. I love the parts that say “health is guaranteed” when we accept the truth, and somewhere deep down, I knew it was true.

I felt the only reason it “hadn’t worked” for me up to that point was because I was still making exceptions. I was still living in fear and doubt. I wasn’t doing what it said. I was still waiting for a miracle. I was still hoping that I could change from external means (diet, supplements, exercise) when I was being told very directly: YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR MIND. 

So, that was the beginning. I knew I had to change my mind, correct all the false beliefs. 

Then I began to notice some improvement. First as a feeling of strength and confidence and joy. It was just a feeling at first. The body’s eyes were still showing me body symptoms, but I FELT different. I felt better. I felt happy. So I kept identifying with the feeling and siding with the Light and Truth as my identity. 

That’s when the symptoms began to disappear. I noticed an increase in energy, vitality and aliveness. 

My own healing occurred as I made a decision to side consistently and wholly with the Light within, and work with the light, listen to it, talk with it, let it lead the way and heal the thoughts that needed correction. 

So I encourage others who want healing and happiness to do what A Course in Miracles says and make no exceptions. 

You can purchase a copy of A Course in Miracles by clicking on this link or on this book cover:

“Healing is accomplished the instant the sufferer no longer sees any value in pain.” -A Course in Miracles