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  • My thoughts about the new Course in Miracles


    You may have heard there is a new version of A Course in Miracles. At first I had zero interest in it and refused to even look at (more on that below), but once I did decide to open my mind up just a little bit (and let go of my judgment and resistance which […]

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  • New Talk: Transformation Going Through the Fire


    In this video, I share a few ideas for anyone who has said YES to change and YES to Transformation – even YES to God and/or to a life of love and service and you are expecting everything to be all peace, roses and sunshine and you end up feeling worse than ever. Why is […]

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  • Want to create something? Read this.


    My two favorite topics in the world are Healing and Creating. Why? Because I have spent practically my entire life experimenting with the both of them, to find out specifically, scientifically and exactly how they work. I don’t just want to know what other people say about healing and creating. I don’t care what other […]

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  • 4 things that stop people from being truly alive, bold and happy.


    Have you had an idea to do something – and then you didn’t do it? Or maybe you started – you took a first step (bought a book, signed up for a workshop) – but then you stopped within the first few days. Name it. That “thing” (that you want to do, that you know […]

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  • To heal you must be wholly joyous. How do you get to wholly joyous and stay there?


    I love how uncompromising A Course in Miracles is. It leaves no wiggle-room for doubt. It’s very ALL or NOTHING, which happens to be the reason I love it so much. If you want results, you can’t linger in a gray area. It’s very black or white. You have to decide and make a commitment […]

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  • Heal your Root/Base Chakra and Start Moving Forward!


    I find that one of the fastest way to achieve healing is to be super present in your body, to be alert and aware in your present situation.  I feel that the reason that many people are disoriented, lost and confused, with no solid grounding and often with financial instability, is because instead of being […]

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  • New Radio Episode with Max & Lisa: What “raising the dead” really means.


    New Unity Online Radio Show with Max Just and Lisa Natoli – Click here to listen: Max & Lisa talk about what “raising the dead” really means. Many well-intentioned spiritual teachers and students have put their life on hold while they “wait” for a miracle. But what is a miracle? What does it mean […]

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  • You can heal anything with Lisa Natoli


    This week I gave two separate talks on self-healing, with practices you can apply right now to any situation/sickness of difficulty that seems to be occurring in your life. 1st TALK – VIDEO: The first talk on healing is on video – a talk I gave this past Friday morning for our Friday Course in […]

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  • Atonement heals with certainty and cures all sickness.


    Do you believe this? “Atonement heals with certainty and cures all sickness.” – A Course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 140 If you don’t believe it, it’s for ONE reason only … because you have never actually done what it says – Accept the Atonement for yourself.  You would need a direct experience in order to KNOW […]

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  • Just how far are you willing to go?


    Here is my observation: Many people who say they want success (or healing), don’t REALLY want it. They kinda want it. It’s a luke-warm want. They have a “it-would-be-nice-if-it-happened-but-I-think-I’ll-just-keep-doing-what-I-always do” kind of attitude.  How bad do you want it? How willing are you to do things differently?  How focused are you?  Would you be willing […]

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  • Message from Lisa

    I am a healer and teacher. You can heal anything. I teach and train people how to heal. All sickness is imbalance, a belief in separation, an outside picture (an effect) of your inner state of mind. I am the author of the best-selling book Gorgeous for God. I am also the creator of The 40-Day Program for Transformation.

    I am co-founder of the Teachers of God Foundation, an online community and organization that encourages and inspires people to go through the tnrasfomration from fear to love, using the practical application of A Course in Miracles.

    If you feel blocked and stuck and want to stop drititing and start living, you are in the right place. Welcome!

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  • Are you ready to transform the way you see yourself and the world?

    My first book Gorgeous for God is the story of my transformation and gives simple practical steps you can take to live life in joy, gratitude & purpose

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  • 40-Day Online Program with Lisa Natoli

    Recognize your wholeness & experience healing. It’s Free!

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