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  • Gorgeous for God Book Study Group begins on Monday, May 1st!


    In 2007, I self-published a book called Gorgeous for God. I never planned on writing and publishing a book. I began quietly blogging in December 2004 on a website I created (Gorgeous for God) that had no viewers. I had no mailing list. I was writing for myself. I was writing about my process and […]

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  • Many spiritual people are totally devoted to God and love, but live in poverty and sickness.


    It’s an interesting thing to me that so many people who have dedicated their life to love, to God, to Jesus, to being truly helpful, who are dedicated to a spiritual path and yet … they struggle and have no money. This was me for a long time. Devoted to God but Broke, Sad and […]

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  • How long can you consistently stay in love, in joy, in gratitude?


    Shifting from a fear-based way of being to a state of joy and gratitude only takes only an instant. It’s a decision.  It’s a choice to choose the joy of God over pain as what you really want.  Click here to join the FREE 40-Day Program for Transformation, based on A Course in Miracles: […]

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  • Healing & Recovery


    Here is the video from yesterday morning’s Friday morning Course in Miracles Group with me and Bill Free. Enjoy! If you are interested in transformation, transfiguration, healing and recovery, becoming a devoted teacher of life and joy and love, this one is for you.   CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO:  How would you change […]

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  • Ready to stop looking for cures and heal? Read this.


    I received a great comment on my personal website this morning that was in response to a blog post I wrote last week (“How Training Your Mind to Not Tell Stories Can Heal Your Life”) and I wanted to share this comment with you. Keep reading. I posted it below. This is how healing is […]

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  • How training your mind to not tell your story can heal your life


    The most powerful thing you can do for yourself and for others is to remember the truth beyond the appearance – to see someone beyond their story. A Course in Miracles says that “charity is a way of looking at another as if he had already gone far beyond his actual accomplishments in time.”

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  • Unity Online Radio. Rules for Success: 2 simple (but radical!) procedures for a happy day, every day


    I have a weekly radio show on Unity Online Radio called “Living in Joy/Reflections on A Course in Miracles”  It airs every Friday afternoon at 3pm EST I love doing this show because it’s a consistent weekly way for me to express my love for A Course in Miracles, a mind-training system that has radically […]

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  • A Course in Miracles is designed to dislodge you from your fixed position


    I just came across the video of myself from 2 years ago. I love the content. BUT WOW … I was very amazed to see myself talking about being in a fog, changing my diet, hiring a trainer, going to the gym 3 times a week and that “it’s still not working” that in fact […]

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  • If you are experiencing sickness and ready to let it go, read this.


    This message below was posted yesterday in the 40-Day Program private Facebook group. I received permission to repost it here as a blog, which I am extremely grateful for. It’s one of the clearest messages I have received about someone seeing what they have used sickness for – and how that use is no longer […]

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  • Ask everything FROM LIFE


    Here is the video from last Friday’s Course in Miracles group. I hope you enjoy it. This group meets every Friday morning at 10:30am EST and we broadcast every class live-stream which means you can join in from wherever you are by computer or phone. The recordings from all past classes are at the Teachers […]

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  • Welcome Message from Lisa

    Welcome. I am happy you are here. I have dedicated my life to helping people to heal themselves through the practice of A Course in Miracles. To read more, click here:

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