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  • My Schedule for Completing ACIM in 2018


    Here we are, January 1, 2018! Happy New Year!  Do you get inner guidance that seems “snappy” and “mean”? Read on! I have made a personal commitment to myself to complete the Circle of Atonement version of A Course in Miracles in 2018. I started this morning and I love Cameo #1 in which Helen gets […]

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  • New Year’s Message from Jesus December 1966 & January 1, 1967


    Here is my “last-Wednesday-of-the-month” Class that I do every month. This is the December 2017 Video Class, which is a New Year’s Message. Also in here, I show you my 2018 Vision Board.  Enjoy. ALSO: CALLING THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 2018! Who is anticipating they will be in the graduating class of 2018 to complete […]

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  • How “trying to get it perfect” butchers prayers and miracles


    I received a LOT of great emails this week from people who are committing to dedicate 2018 – one year – to God. I love it. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and participation.  I thought about this and while on THE ONE HAND, I’m super excited to hear so many people making this […]

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  • New Video: The Happiness Delusion


    NEW VIDEO: The Happiness Delusion. If you think happiness is coming later, you’re insane. Here is the video from last Friday’s ACIM group. Happiness is here and now. Not later when you have more money or when people start acting kinder or when the universe starts supporting you to do all those things you know […]

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  • VIDEO: New Year, New Beginnings with A Course in Miracles


    Did you know that Jesus asks us to make a new year’s resolution with him each year? Watch the video from the Circle of Atonement to learn what it is. Click here: In this video find out the message Jesus gave to Helen Scuchman and Bill Thetford on January 1, 1967 In this webinar […]

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  • The Happiness Delusion


    A big stumbling block for people is the happiness delusion – the idea that you can “do” something to “get” or “feel” happiness. 99.999999 percent of the cases, people believe (falsely) that an external event will happen and THEN they will be happy. You will lose weight, get well, come into some money, get a […]

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  • 4 things that stop people from being alive, bold and happy.


    Are you ready for unconscious fear to come to the surface to be seen, healed, and released? In this blog and audio (my weekly show on Unity Radio), you will identify what you want and be encouraged to write down the old habits and distractions that have been holding you back.  Listen to it here: […]

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  • YOUR CALLING. If there was practically zero chance of success, would you still go for it?


    Yesterday I had a great Thanksgiving with my husband Bill and my mom. We went to my mom’s house and had a beautiful dinner around 2:30 in the afternoon – just the three of us – and then we watched 3 great movies – back-to-back – and ate a lot of pie. It was so […]

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  • New Radio Show and 2 videos: Healing Addiction & The Kindness of Strangers


    Your presence makes a difference, even when you think you are doing nothing. Here is yesterday’s radio show that I did on Unity Online Radio: I talk about the kindness of strangers. I tell the story about how in 1998 a friend of mine talked me into doing the NYC marathon – 26.2 miles […]

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  • New Video: Practice for “Going Beyond the Body” for healing, health and happiness


    I did a video and wrote a blog over at the Teachers of God Foundation last week on the practice from A Course in Miracles of “Going Beyond the Body.” WATCH THE VIDEO: You can watch the video and read the blog by clicking this link: You are already going beyond the body, several times […]

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  • Want to complete the workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles in one year – in 2018 – with Lisa Natoli? Click here to register: for a daily 10-minute audio commentary for all 365 lessons, for every day of the year.

  • My story of awakening

    Amazon Review: “What I most admire about Gorgeous for God is Lisa’s compelling emotional honesty about how she experienced her life and how A Course in Miracles served to awaken her to her real purpose and goal, which is to be truly helpful. She is not just talking about an intellectual understanding of the concepts in ACIM; she is practicing the principles set forth in the Course with true dedication and sincerity.”

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