About Lisa

Lisa Natoli
Devoted to God and the teachings of Jesus. 

Dedicated to helping people heal and transform their lives through the mind-training of A Course in Miracles. 


Lisa Natoli is a healer, teacher and writer. She has devoted her life to helping people transform their lives through the practical application of A Course in Miracles. She is enthusiastic about motivating people to shift their perception, learning to see with Christ vision. She teaches and trains people to heal themselves and others. She is the author of the best-selling book Gorgeous for God and creator of the 40-Day Program for Transformation that has helped thousands of people to heal from disease, depression, addiction, lack and doubt. She has devoted her life to God and the teachings of Jesus. She writes and teaches on the topics of transformation, leadership, healing and abundance. She is co-founder and Spiritual Director of the nonprofit organization Teachers of God Foundation whose mission is to inspire, encourage and support individuals to go through the transformation from fear to love. She hosts a weekly radio show on Unity Online Radio called Living in Joy that airs every Friday afternoon at 3pm EST.